10 Best Face Editing Apps in 2024: Enhance Selfies Like a Pro

Want to look like an Instagram influencer in your selfies? With just a few taps, you can smoothen skin, apply makeup virtually, reshape facial features, and more using face editing apps.

For instance, you can use an AI Photo editing tool like imagewith.AI to edit your face with a few simple clicks. TheImagewith.AI Clearoff feature can remove imperfections and flaws in your face. All you need to do is upload the picture and let the AI tool do its work. image7.jpg Whether you want subtle touch-ups or dramatic transformations, these easy-to-use apps for Android and iOS can work like magic.

Explore the top 10 picks categorized into four main groups, from face editing apps for quick edits to All-in-One Editors:

top 10 picks categorized into four main groups

Best Face Editing Apps for Quick Edits

Facetune AI Photo Editor

With over 10 million downloads, Facetune AI Photo Editor is a popular app for quick and easy photo edits. It uses AI face detection to identify faces and make edits selectively.

The app has simple slider tools to quickly whiten teeth, smooth skin, erase blemishes, apply light makeup, and more. You can also use the Details Tool to sharpen eyes, brighten teeth, and accentuate facial features.


Some Handy Features Include

  • Teeth Whitening: Brush over teeth to brighten in one tap
  • Blemish Remover: Erase dark circles, spots, and acne easily
  • Skin Smoothing: Soften skin texture while keeping a natural look
  • Face Clean: Remove blackheads, and wrinkles, shine for clear skin
  • Reshaping: Slim jawline, refined nose, accentuated lips

Steps to Use

  1. Import photos and Facetune will detect faces automatically
  2. Select teeth, skin, or blemish fixes from the bottom toolbar
  3. Adjust the strength of the effect using sliders
  4. Tap check to finalize edits

Who's it for: Those looking for quick, hassle-free edits to perfect selfies.

Here is how it's done:

Beginners Guide to Facetune – Edit Your Instagram Selfies Like a Pro!


  • User-friendly interface
  • Quick results with easy tools
  • Whitens teeth and evens skin tone with one tap


  • It can seem artificial if overused
  • Limited editing capabilities

Make your selfies look perfect in seconds. Whiten teeth, smooth skin, apply makeup, and more with simple tools.

Platforms: iOS, Android

Price: Free version available, paid subscription $36 per year

Adobe Photoshop Express

Enjoy Photoshop-powered editing on mobile with Adobe Photoshop Express. It provides a faster way to make common adjustments through one-touch transformations.

You can crop, rotate, apply filters, add text, reduce noise, and more. The Auto Tone option uses AI to automatically adjust exposure, contrast, shadows, and other elements. image4.jpg

Valuable Features Include:

  • Filters: Vintage, B&W, Portrait, Pop Color options
  • Noise Reduction: Minimize grainy texture
  • Auto Cutout: Instantly remove & replace the background
  • Image Resize: Change resolution for printing

Steps to Use

  1. Import images into the app
  2. Tap Auto Tone to apply quick fixes
  3. Adjust filter strength and select filter
  4. Use the Cutout Tool to remove the background
  5. Export edited photo

Who's it for: Users who want artistic filters and basic adjustments for selfies.

Here is how it's done:

Edit Photos like a PRO (IOS & ANDROID) [FREE] - Adobe Photoshop Express


  • Includes well-known Photoshop effects
  • Simple one-touch transformations
  • Fun, artistic filters to transform the look


  • Takes time to learn more complex features

Use free Photoshop powers to edit selfies. Apply fun filters, fix red-eye, blur backgrounds, and more.

Platforms: iOS, Android

Key features: Automatic corrections, filters, easy cutout tool

Price: Free

Best Face Editing Apps for Detailed Editing

Facetune AI Video Editor

This app lets you retouch clips for Insta-worthy videos. Edit multiple faces, smooth skin, brighten eyes, apply filters, resize features, and more with easy-to-use tools.

With Facetune Video, you can remove blemishes, whiten teeth, brighten undereye circles, change lip shade, and reshape facial features on moving footage. image6.jpg

Handy Tools Include:

  • Whiten Teeth: Adjust the size and intensity of the whitening
  • Skin Smoothing: Three levels for subtle to intense smoothing
  • Face Reshaping: Cheekbones, jaw, nose, lips, eyes, forehead
  • Eye Bag Remover: Reduce dark circles and bags under the eyes
  • Blemish Remover: Erase imperfections like pimples
  • Makeup: Foundation, blush, lipstick, eyeshadow, eyeliner

Steps to Use

  1. Import video clip to app
  2. Detect faces and select which faces to edit
  3. Choose a tool such as Skin Smooth and apply the effect
  4. Customize the intensity of changes as needed
  5. Export retouched video

Here is how it’s done:

Improve your appearance with Facetune Video

Platforms: iOS

Price: $8 monthly subscription

YouCam Perfect - Photo Editor

YouCam Perfect transforms your look by virtually applying makeup in real-time using AR technology. The makeup stays in place as you move your face.

Choose from various looks - from everyday natural makeup to bold creative styles. The app has tutorials for recreating celebrity makeup looks. image11.jpg

Some Key Features:

  • AR Makeup: Lipstick eyeshadow moves with your face
  • Makeup Brushes: Blending shading brushes for precision
  • Face Reshaping: Reshape nose, eyes, jawline, cheeks
  • Hairstyles: Ponytails, buns, bangs, highlights, coloring
  • Makeup Palettes: Eyeshadow, contouring, highlight palettes

Steps to Use

  1. Allow the app to access your camera
  2. Choose a look or start with a bare-face
  3. Tap on makeup brushes and colors to apply virtual makeup
  4. Use face-reshaping tools as needed
  5. Add hair coloring, lengths, and highlights
  6. Export final makeover photos or videos

Who's it for: Users who want to realistically "try on" makeup styles.

Here is how it’s done:

Edit Your Pictures like a pro in YouCam Perfect Photo Editor | Fix Editing


  • Makeup moves naturally with the face
  • Huge makeup palette options
  • Fun to see different makeup looks


  • It can take time to apply AR makeup
  • Requires good lighting

Try different makeups with this magic app. It uses AR, so makeup moves when you smile or speak.

Platforms: iOS, Android

Price: Free version available, paid version $18 annually

Best Face Editing Apps for Dramatic Effects


Transform your look with FaceApp's filters that can change gender age, add smiles, swap hairstyles, and more. The dramatic effects are super fun to use in photos and videos.

You can make edits realistic using tools like water, hairstyles, beards, and accessories. Try generating multiple looks with different ages, genders, and expressions.


Cool Effects Include

  • Age Filters: Make yourself older or younger
  • Smiles: Add smiles to a serious face
  • Gender Swap: Realistically change gender
  • Hair Colors: Experiment with new hair colors
  • Beards: Add stubble, short or long beards

Steps to Use

  1. Import photo
  2. Tap filters such as "Old" or "Smile."
  3. Adjust effect intensity with a slider
  4. Add other effects like hair color or beard
  5. Save transformed photo

Who's it for: Users who want fun, dramatic alterations to their selfies

Here is a tutorial:

Faceapp/How to edit Instagram makeup pictures on your phone like a pro (iphone &Android)


  • Entertaining transformations
  • Realistic gender swap filter
  • Add smiles to serious photos


  • Dramatic filters can seem overdone
  • Some changes look artificial

Go wild with FaceApp. Change gender, age, or hairstyle. Add smiles, beards, and more fun effects.

Platforms: iOS, Android

Price: Free version available, paid subscription $20 per year


This Asian beauty app lets you alter facial features, reshape your nose, enlarge your eyes, adjust your face shape, apply dramatic filters, add cute stickers, and more.

You can adjust over 100 parameters to transform eyes, nose, lips, face shape, and details. Add fun Asian-inspired stickers, filters, backgrounds, and manga-style illustrations. image8.jpg

Handy Editing Features Include:

  • Eye Enlarging: Make eyes bigger
  • Nose Reshape: Adjust nose height, width, and bridge
  • Face Slimming: Slim jawline, cheekbones, and chin
  • Teeth Whitening: Brush to brighten the smile
  • Creative Stickers: Cute Asian-style stickers
  • Artistic Filters: Change to cartoon, sketch, and anime styles

Steps to Use

  1. Import photo to the app
  2. Use Eye or Nose tools to reshape features
  3. Select the Face Slimming tool to refine your face shape
  4. Add stickers, artistic filters, or backgrounds
  5. Save fun transformed photos.

Here’s how to do it:

Photo. editing my editing pretty up

Platforms: iOS, Android

Price: Free, $18/year

Best All-in-One Editors

AirBrush - AI Photo Editor

AirBrush provides advanced editing tools to transform your selfies. It can reshape facial features, fix skin, whiten teeth, change face shape, apply makeup, and more. image5.jpg

With AirBrush, You Can:

  • Smooth Skin: Remove blemishes, shine, and texture.
  • Whiten Teeth: Adjust brightness and color for a perfect smile.
  • Reshape Face: Slim jawline, change nose shape, tweak eyes, and more.
  • Add Makeup: Bronzer, blush, eyeliner, lashes, lipstick, and eyeshadow.
  • Styling: Change hair color and style, and add hats/accessories.

How to Use

  1. Import a photo and let AirBrush detect your face.
  2. Select a tool to whiten teeth, smooth skin, etc.
  3. Use sliders to control effect intensity.
  4. Tap the checkmark to apply edits.
  5. Save your transformed, gorgeous selfie.

Who's it for: Users wanting professional-level retouching and reshaping.

Follow this tutorial:

New Face Smooth Photo Editing 🤩 | Airbrush face smooth Tutorial | how to Edit photo in Airbrush


  • Total facial transformation options
  • Precise, customizable adjustments
  • Realistic makeup filters


  • The learning curve for advanced features
  • Time-intensive editing

AirBrush provides advanced editing tools to transform your selfies. It can reshape facial features, fix skin, whiten teeth, change face shape, apply makeup, and more.

Platform: iPhone, Android

Price: Free trial, then $9 monthly subscription


BeautyLab lets you beautify selfies with editing tools like blemish remover, face shaper, teeth whitener, makeup brushes, and more.


Key features

  • Blemish Remover: Instantly erases acne spots
  • Skin Smoother: focus to blur lines and pores
  • Face Shaper: Slim jaw, nose, tweak eyes, chin
  • Teeth Whitening: Adjust brightness for whiter smile
  • Makeup Brushes: Foundation, blush, eyeshadow, lipstick
  • Hairstyling: Color, highlights, haircuts

How to Use

  1. Import selfies and BeautyLab detects faces.
  2. Choose a tool like Blemish Remover and make adjustments.
  3. Use a Face Shaper to tweak the nose, eyes, and jawline.
  4. Apply virtual makeup with realistic brushes.
  5. Save and share your gorgeous makeover selfie.

Who's it for: Those seeking an all-in-one editor for complete makeovers.


  • Comprehensive editing suite
  • Realistic virtual makeup
  • Total transformation options


  • Many tools can be complex
  • Takes time to customize edits

BeautyLab lets you beautify selfies with editing tools like blemish remover, face shaper, teeth whitener, makeup brushes, and more.

Platform: iPhone

Price: Free trial, then a $12 monthly subscription


Retrica lets you take fun, whimsical selfies with real-time filters, collages, stickers, and more. image3.jpg

With Retrica, You Can:

  • Apply Filters: Vintage, aesthetic filters to transform look
  • Collages: Fun layouts for group selfies
  • Face Stickers: Cute, quirky stickers and effects
  • Styling: Add hats, glasses, jewelry overlay
  • Text Overlays: Custom text banners

How to Use

  1. Open the app and allow camera access
  2. Browse filters and tap one you like
  3. Adjust filter intensity with slider
  4. Add stickers and text overlays as desired
  5. Take perfected fun selfies.

Who's it for: Users who like playful, stylized selfie effects.

Here is how to do it:

Best photo filters app || retrica photo editor|| photo editing tutorial app ||


  • Huge range of real-time filters
  • Stickers for unique stylized selfies
  • Easy to snap creative pics


  • Effects can seem exaggerated
  • Less facial editing capability

Platform: iPhone, Android

Price: Free

Photo Wonder

Photo Wonder provides powerful editing tools to enhance your selfies. It can whiten teeth, smooth skin, apply realistic makeup, and reshape facial features. image12.jpg

With Photo Wonder You Can:

  • Teeth Whitening: Adjust brightness for a whiter smile
  • Blemish Remover: Instantly erase acne and spots
  • Makeup Tools: Foundation, blush, eyeshadow, lipstick, and more
  • Reshape Face: Change nose, eyes, jawline, chin
  • Face Slimming: Get a slimmer jawline and cheekbones

How to Use

  1. Import your selfie into the app
  2. Choose editing tools to whiten teeth, add makeup, etc
  3. Adjust and apply changes as desired
  4. Save your gorgeous made-over selfie

Who's it for: Users who want to enhance facial features and apply makeup.

Check out how to do it:

Photo wonder - Amazing free Photography app!


  • Powerful makeup and reshaping tools
  • Natural-looking touch-up effects
  • Easy to achieve a glam look


  • Can take time to apply precise edits
  • Steep learning curve

Platform: iPhone

Price: Free with in-app purchases

Why Enhance Your Selfies?

Who doesn't want their selfies to look as awesome as possible before posting? Enhancing your selfies can make a big difference. Here's why you should edit your selfies:

  • Make Your Best Features Pop: Editing makes your favorite features stand out. Boost your eye color, define your jawline, intensify your smile, and more.
  • Fix Small Imperfections: Issues like blemishes, under-eye circles, teeth gaps, etc., can be erased to perfection.
  • Get that Magazine Look: With editing tools, you can retouch and polish your selfies to achieve smooth, flawless magazine-worthy photos.
  • Look More Awake: Touch up tired eyes, brighten your complexion, and look well-rested and radiant.
  • Enhance Mood: Fiddle with color, lighting, and other effects to set a mood that matches the vibe you want for your selfie.
  • Get Creative: Transform your photo into art with stylized filters or make it look professionally shot with pro editing tweaks.

The right edits can take your selfies to the next level! Don't settle for lackluster shots - enhance your look in photos with editing.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Right Face Editing App

With so many options, picking the right face editing app can be challenging. The best app for you depends on your needs and skill level. Here are key factors:

  • Precise editing capabilities: Look for advanced tools that allow precise refinements like smoothing skin, whitening teeth, reshaping features, and adjusting lighting/color. Apps with more granular controls provide professional editing results.
  • Intuitive interface: The app should have an intuitive and user-friendly interface. Complex apps with steep learning curves will be frustrating for enhancing selfies on the go.
  • Automatic enhancement options: Many apps offer AI-powered automatic enhancement with a tap. This allows quick touch-ups for those lacking time or skill for manual editing.
  • Various filters and effects: Apps with diverse artistic filters, textures, and effects allow you to get more creative by giving selfies a stylized look.
  • Advanced editing techniques: If you want to go beyond basics and perform pro-level facial retouching, seek out apps with techniques like frequency separation, liquify, and dodge & burn tools.
  • Output options: Check that the app can export or share enhanced photos to your desired format like social media, messaging apps, camera roll, etc.

Which Are the Must-Have Editing Tools in Face Editing Apps?

Any good photo editing app needs a few essential tools to enhance your selfies. Here are the must-have editing features:

  • Smoothing and Retouching - Create flawless skin by smoothing texture, erasing blemishes, and minimizing pores for a soft glow.
  • Reshape Facial Features - Slim your jawline, refine your nose, enhance your eyes, and adjust the shape of facial features.
  • Lighting Adjustments - Increase brightness, adjust contrasts, add spotlight effects, and enhance color to make your face pop.
  • Photorealistic Teeth Whitening - Brighten teeth to resemble a perfect dentist-cleaned smile.
  • Precise Control - Zoom in close and use small brushes for pixel-perfect touch-ups on specific spots.
  • Undo - Because mistakes happen! Undo is crucial for reversing any unwanted edits.
  • Preset Enhancements - Starting with innovative preset enhancements like “Brighten Skin” saves you time.

With those core tools for perfecting selfies, you can edit photos to look your best. They provide precise control to enhance natural features.


Why Should I Use Apps to Make My Pictures Better?

Using apps can improve your pictures by making your favorite features stand out, fixing little problems like spots and circles, and giving your photos a polished, magazine-like appearance.

How Do I Choose a Good App for Editing My Face?

When picking an app, think about whether it can make precise changes, if it's easy to use if it can automatically make your pictures better, if it has lots of filters and effects, and if it lets you do advanced editing. Also, check if it can save or share your improved photos where you want.

What Tools Should a Good Editing App Have?

A good editing app should have tools to smooth your skin, reshape your face, adjust lighting, make your teeth look white, let you control small details, undo changes, and have preset options for quick improvements.

Can You Suggest an Easy App for Quick Edits?

Sure, for quick and easy edits, try Facetune AI Photo Editor. It's simple to use, gives fast results with easy tools, and can whiten your teeth and even out your skin tone with just one tap.

Which App Is Best for Detailed Editing?

For detailed editing, go for apps like Facetune Video and YouCam Perfect. They let you change facial features precisely, put on makeup, and have more control over your edits.


Enhancing your selfies is easy with the right editing app. Try user-friendly options like Facetune AI Photo Editor or Adobe Photoshop Express for quick fixes on the go.

Here is a summary of each category's face editing tools:

For Quick Edits:

  • Facetune AI Photo Editor - Whitens teeth, smooths skin, and erases blemishes with easy slider tools.
  • Adobe Photoshop Express - Applies quick fixes and artistic filters with one tap.

For Detailed Editing:

  • Facetune Video - Edits facial features, applies makeup, and fixes blemishes on video clips.
  • YouCam Perfect - Reshapes features and applies AR makeup that moves naturally with your face.

For Dramatic Effects:

  • FaceApp - Alters age and gender, add smiles and beards for entertaining transformations.
  • PrettyUp - Reshapes facial features and has artistic filters to transform look.

For All-in-One Editors:

  • Airbrush - Offers full face retouching, makeup, teeth whitening, and reshaping tools.
  • BeautyLab - Has blemish remover, face shaper, and makeup brushes for complete makeovers.

Consider your skill level, needed tools, and editing style when picking an app. Core features like smoothing skin, whitening teeth, reshaping, and lighting adjustments help perfect selfies. The best app for you depends on whether you want fast touch-ups or dramatic effects. With the top-rated options now at your fingertips, you can make selfies look magazine-cover stunning.