5 Tips & Tricks: How To Make Stunning Side-by-Side Photos on Your iPhone

Whether for creating visual comparisons or arranging a cohesive story through photos, there are several ways to make side-by-side photos on your iPhone.

In this article, we’ll guide you through each method with step-by-step instructions.

Let’s start with the most straightforward method: the Shortcuts app.

Method 1: Using the Shortcuts App

image19.jpg Shortcuts app logo

If you want to do things nice and quick, you only need the Shortcuts app. It’s a free built-in app for iPhone users to automate repetitive tasks by creating personal shortcuts.

Let’s apply that to our case in point: combining photos. Here’s the step-by-step process:

Step 1: Launch the Shortcuts app

Open the Shortcuts app from Search, from the Today widget, or by asking Siri.

Step 2: Add a New Shortcut

Tap the + icon in the top right corner to add a new shortcut.


Step 3: Select Photos

Tap on "Add Action" and search "Select Photos".  image5.jpg image24.jpg Once you tap on “Select Photos”, switch on the “Select Multiple” option. This allows you to select the two photos you want to use. image23.jpg Note: Don’t tap on ‘Done’ yet.

Step 4: Combine Images

Tap on the search bar below and type ‘Images’. Select the ‘Combine Images’ option. image12.jpg Under the ‘Combine Images’ action, you can customize the layout you want your photos to be arranged. If you want to make side-by-side photos, select ‘Horizontally’.  image22.jpg Alternatively, you can also choose the vertical or the grid layout, depending on your photo orientation. Selecting 'Ask Each Time' will prompt you to choose the layout whenever you combine photos. image13.jpg You can also set the spacing between the photos to give them some padding.

Step 5: Save to Photo Album

Tap the search bar again at the bottom of the screen and type or find ‘Save to Photo Album’. Here you can customize the saved folder for your combined images so you can easily find them. image31.jpg Step 6: Add to Home Screen

Lastly, rename your shortcut. Then, tap on the “i” icon at the bottom center (under the search bar) of your screen. This is what you’ll see: image8.jpg Select ‘Add to Home Screen. It’ll show you a preview of the Shortcut icon. Tap on ‘Add’. image29.jpg Now, whenever you run this shortcut, it will create a side-by-side image using the selected photos.

Here’s an example of a side-by-side comparison of the before and after photos when using Imagewith.AI image16.jpg

On the left side, you’ll see a man figure in the background beside the car. Let’s remove that unwanted object by brushing it off using Imagewith.AI Clearoff. It gets removed from the picture instantly, as you can see on the right side.

Method 2: Using Instagram Layout (for social media sharing)

If you want to share your combined photos on social media directly, Layout by Instagram is also an option. It is an app developed by Instagram that specializes in creating various photo collages by using easy-to-use templates, including side-by-side layouts, allowing users to arrange their photos in creative ways.

Here’s how you do it.

Step 1: Launch the Layout from Instagram app

If you haven't already, download and install the Layout app from Instagram on your iPhone.

Open the Layout app and tap on the "Photos" icon. Select the two photos you want to use side by side.

Step 2: Choose Layout

Layout will automatically arrange your selected photos in different layouts. Choose the side-by-side layout option. image3.jpg Step 3: Adjust Photos

Tap on each photo to adjust its position, size, and orientation within the side-by-side layout. image7.jpg Step 4: Save or Share

Once satisfied with the arrangement, tap "Save" to save the side-by-side photo to your camera roll or tap "Share" to post it directly on Instagram or other social media platforms. image27.jpg

Method 3: Using Keynote

Keynote is Apple's presentation software, but it can also be used for creative purposes like arranging photos.

You can import photos into slides, adjust their positions, and export the slide as an image, effectively creating a side-by-side photo. Here’s how you do it:

Step 1: Create a New Presentation

Open the Keynote app on your iPhone. Tap the + icon to start a new presentation. Choose a theme to get started. image30.jpg

Step 2: Add & Arrange Photos

Tap the + icon within a slide and select "Photos and Videos." Choose the two photos you want to use side by side. image2.jpg


In this example, we will use a side-by-side photo between the original photo and the edited photo with the background removed using Imagewith.AI Outcut feature.  image14.jpg Resize and position them side by side using multi-touch gestures.

Step 3: Export as Image

Once the photos are arranged, tap the three dots in the top right corner, then select "Export." image15.jpg Choose "Images" and select the format you prefer. This will save the slide as an image in your camera roll. image11.jpg Step 4: Crop Image (Optional)

With the built-in Photos app, crop the image to remove the extra white spaces. Here’s the final side-by-side photo: image26.jpg

Method 4: Using Canva Grids

Another great option is using photo grid layouts in Canva. Canva's Grids feature allows users to arrange two photos side by side within a custom canvas size. Plus, you can customize other design filters into your collage to enhance your photos.

Here’s how you do it:

Step 1: Create a New Design

If you haven't already, download and install the Canva app from the App Store. Open Canva and tap the + icon at the bottom right corner to create a new design.  image9.jpg Choose "Custom Size" and set the dimensions according to your preference (for example, 1080x1080 pixels for a square layout). image1.jpg Step 2: Add Grid

Tap the + icon again, select “Elements”, then scroll down until you find the Grids section.  image10.jpg Select a grid layout that accommodates two photos side by side. image4.jpg Step 3: Add Photos

Tap on the + icon again and then upload your selected photos. Once it’s uploaded into your gallery, drag and drop the photo over the grid cell. image18.jpg Do the same thing to the right grid cell. image17.jpg Double-tap on the grid cells if you want to adjust their positions and sizes. image6.jpg

Step 4: Download or Share

Once satisfied, tap the download icon to save the photo on your device or the share icon to share it directly on social media platforms.

Method 5: Using Photo Editing Apps

Various photo editing apps on the App Store offer collage templates. If you want to edit the two photos individually and combine them side by side, using third-party collage apps also does the trick.

There are several great apps out there, like Snapseed, VSCO, Fotor, PhotoGrid, and more. No matter what you use, these are the general step-by-step instructions:

Step 1: Open & Import Photos

Open the selected app and import the two photos you want to use.

Step 2: Edit Photos Individually

Edit each photo separately if desired. Adjust brightness, contrast, or apply filters to enhance the photos.

Step 3: Combine Photos

Some apps have collage or blending features. Use these features to combine the edited photos side by side.

Tip: When in doubt, you can always check out some tips and tricks on arranging and blending photos through YouTube videos for free.

Step 4: Save or Share

Save the side-by-side photo to your camera roll or share it directly on social media platforms from within the editing app.

Final Thoughts

There you have it! You’ve learned five ways to make side-by-side photos on your iPhone.

To recap:

  • Shortcuts App: Quick and automated, perfect for efficiency.
  • Instagram Layout: Intuitive, designed for easy social media sharing.
  • Keynote: Creative storytelling, precise control over photo arrangement.
  • Canva Grids: User-friendly, offers customization options and design elements.
  • Photo Editing Apps: Individual photo editing, advanced adjustments, and creative effects.

Experiment with these methods to find the one that suits your needs best.

With any of these methods, you can effortlessly craft visually engaging side-by-side photos, making every moment a canvas for your artistic expression.