2024's Best 12 Gender-Swap Apps: Transform Your Look!

Creating your own altered gender can be nerve-racking. What if the result will be far from reality? With many gender swap apps on the Internet, you need an app you can trust.

In this detailed guide, we’ve put together the best realistic gender swap apps on the market in 2024. We’ll look at the pros and cons of 12 best apps and select the ones that can help you create the most realistic version of yourself. As a bonus, you’ll learn how to add a finishing touch that will make all the difference.

Ready to find out how? Let’s dive right in!

Which app can switch your gender?

Lots! There are many apps out there that can help you transform yourself. While most of them can help you switch genders in a fairly easy way, not all of them can give you the best quality. Let’s look at the most realistic apps in 2024 that can help you successfully swap your gender!

What is the realistic gender swap app?

We’ve put together a list of 12 gender swap apps and explored which of them can show you the most realistic alter gender. Keep reading!

1.FaceApp: Best for Realistic Portraits.

FaceApp - Realistic Gender Swap with Multiple Hairstyle Options With its 500+ downloads, FaceApp is definitely a popular tool for face editing features. It lets you swap gender easily and quickly, giving you several options to choose from.

A woman's face The man's face transformed from the woman's face Pros:

  • realistic results, even though not always flawless.
  • opportunity to choose hairstyle
  • possibility to use the app for free.


  • in some cases, the AI technology can’t generate the missing gap accurately.
  • you can only swap faces and not bodies
  • If you want to use some Premium filters, enjoy faster processing and have no watermarks on the final picture, you have to buy a subscription plan.

2.PhotoDirector: Best for Realistic Non-Binary Gender.

Powered by AI technology, PhotoDirector helps you swap genders with its AI Avatar feature. Let’s see what makes it such a popular app for this feature.


  • realistic effects due to the advanced AI technology
  • possibility to choose between female, male and non-binary
  • possibility to generate of a wide range of avatars for a bigger choice
  • possibility to choose among various styles: hat design, hair design artistic and realistic
  • you can share the generated avatar on your social media
  • affordable price compared to other photo editing apps.


  • you can’t make manual adjustments
  • you have to buy a subscription plan to generate avatars.

3. TikTok: Best for Realistic Gender Switch Video.

Are you a passionate TikToker wanting to create your epic alter gender? TikTok actually gives you free rein to do so!

While the social media app doesn’t have a gender swap filter on its own, it pairs up its efforts with FaceApp. Together with TikTok-linked app CapCut, you can actually create a video switching between two genders!


  • an exciting alternative to a photo
  • CapCut’s numerous video editing features
  • you can instantly upload your new visual on TikTok


  • TikTok has no gender swap filter of its own
  • the manual adjustments remain limited

4.Vivid AI: Best for Realistic Alter Gender Fashion Outfit.

Vivid AI is a highly popular AI Art generator, able to apply a wide range of artistic filters to your alter gender. It has a unique AI Outfit feature, allowing you to experiment with a full body gender swap - in a killer outfit!


  • a realistic full-body gender swap, going beyond a simple facial transformation
  • a rich variety of filters available for its AI Avatar feature
  • lots of possibilities to experiment with fashion accessories, formal wear and elegant outfits to choose the best fashion style for your new gender!


  • you may get lost among a big variety of AI filters and features, trying to find what you need the most
  • does not offer a non-binary feature.

5. FaceLab Face Aging Gender Swap: Best for Realistic Aging Gender Swap.

FaceLab Face Aging Gender Swap - Unique Aging Filter for Gender Swapping And what if you’re wondering what your older self might look like - in a different gender? FaceLab Face Aging Gender Swap app works wonders if you’re curious about your older self!


  • a unique aging feature, allowing you to apply an age filter to a swapped gender
  • several possibilities to choose from, including ‘old’ and ‘cool old’


  • doesn’t allow you to manually adjust the age
  • the aging filter looks best on a picture of an original gender.

6.FacePlay: Best for Realistic Video Face Changing.

If you’re looking for a real photo blockbuster, FacePlay can be a good option for you. With this app, you can see how you would look in thousands of styles, from sci-fi characters to a queen!

While the app doesn’t swap genders directly, it allows you to reimagine yourself in an outfit or ethnic costume typically worn by another gender. Another top feature is a short video you can make out of your brand-new visual, charming your audience like no one else!

FacePlay - Realistic Video Face Changing with Diverse Styles Pros:

  • a rich variety of styles, helping you to completely reimagine yourself and sparking your imagination
  • a unique AI video feature, allowing you to generate a stunning short video out of your new picture


  • you can’t directly swap genders, as you can do in FaceApp or PhotoDirector.
  • a large number of styles may be overwhelming for a beginner.

7.Lensa: Best for a Realistic Gender Affirmation.

Lensa - AI-Powered Gender Affirmation and Feature Accentuation

Lensa is a revolutionary AI-powered app, allowing you to accentuate your male or feminine features. After you upload a picture, you can choose whether you want to see your avatar as a male, female or other gender. Despite its revolutionary features, there’s been a lot of debate around the app.


  • you can add a strong masculine or feminine feel to your avatar through specially trained AI technology
  • it can help transgender people affirm their gender and themselves in a way that makes perfect sense


  • Some users have raised concerns about overly sexualized images and avatars reflecting racial stereotypes
  • Is not suitable for those who may find it hard to embrace their gender identity.

8. Picsart: Best for Instant Gender Swap.

Picsart is a tool that can help you swap genders with lightning speed. Its AI avatar feature allows you to upload from 10 to 20 pictures of yourself, getting an instant result.


  • straightforward user interface, easy to navigate for complete beginners
  • instant processing time
  • possibility to explore other editing features the app provides.


  • you can’t make manual edits to your brand-new picture
  • you’ll have to buy Picsart Gold Premium to be able to use its AI tools.

9. Fotor: Best for Realistic Celebrity Gender Swap

 Fotor - Realistic Celebrity Gender Swap and Online Editing Tool With Fotor, you can explore its Gender Swap Tool in all its glory. Whether you want to explore a feminine or masculine version of you or simply have fun with friends, Fotor has got you covered! With its unique AI tool, you can completely reinvent yourself with highly realistic results.


  • easy to use, with instant automatic gender conversion
  • a unique celebrity gender swap feature, allowing to reinvent your favorite celebrity in another gender
  • can be used online
  • a special movie star feature, allowing you to see how you would like as a movie star of the opposite gender


  • you have to buy a subscription in order to use all the features of the app.

10. Face Swap Live: Best for Realistic Gender Swap in Real Time

Face Swap Lives comes with a revolutionary feature, allowing you to swap genders using a real-time video. All you have to do is film you together with your friend or partner, and your faces will switch immediately using the camera feed!


  • a state-of-the-art live gender swap feature, which allows you to swap faces with your friend of the opposite gender
  • you don’t have to upload 10-20 photos to generate a result unlike most other apps
  • you don’t have to have a static photo or pre-recorded video
  • you can swaps faces not only with a friend but also a celebrity or any fun character of the opposite gender


  • you can’t try it online for free and have to download the app to test its features
  • due to the fact that you don’t have to use static pictures, the results may not always be neat and accurate

11. Media.io’s Gender Swapper: Best For Realistic Twin Effect GIF.

A woman's face The man's face transformed from the woman's face by Media.io’s Gender Swapper If you’ve always wanted to have a twin brother or sister, then this app is for you! Media.io’s Gender Swapper’s Twin Effect is an amazing tool to help you create your AI twin. But it doesn’t stop there. If you’re excited to know what your favorite celebrity’s twin would look like, this tool will be your best ally, too.


  • a unique Twin Effect feature, allowing to create a realistic twin
  • you can reinvent celebrities in the opposite gender, and even create GIFs out of the new visuals
  • you can use some editing tools, such as AI Face Editor and AI Aging Filter to experiment further with the new visual
  • you can test the tool online for free


  • only binary genders are available
  • you can test the tool online for free but the result will have a watermark on it
  • to have access to all AI tools and download pictures without watermarks, you have to buy a subscription plan

12. Wondershare’s Gender Swap Filter: Best for Downloading Alter Gender in All Formats.

Wondershare's Gender Swap Filter - Fast Processing for Alter Gender in Various Formats

Wondershare gives you a unique possibility to swap gender and download the result with lightning speed. Its super friendly user interface has made it popular with creatives who value their time and effort and treat AI as their best ally.  The before and after comparison by Wondershare


  • Instant upload and processing time
  • You can test the app online for free and download the result without any watermarks
  • highly realistic and accurate results of your imaginary twin
  • the app supports almost all formats


  • you need to access API to be able to enjoy all the app’s features
  • extra credits come with subscription plans.

Unique features of the best gender swap apps.

So far, we’ve looked at the most realistic gender swap tools on the market. While all of them help you produce a realistic version of yourself, some apps have truly unique features. Let’s see what makes each app the best in what they do!


Unique feature


Realistic non-binary gender

Media.io’s Gender Swapper

Realistic celebrity gender swap turned into a gif

Face Swap live

Realistic gender transformation on a non-static video/photo


Realistic transgender identity helping to embrace your true self 


Realistic AI video generated from the visual 

FaceLab Face Aging Gender Swap

Realistic Age Filter on a picture with swapped gender

Vivid AI

Realistic Fashion outfit usually worn by the opposite gender

What is a realistic full body gender swap app?

What if you are not just looking to transform your face but want to see a full transformation of your body? While this can be an exciting project, most of the gender swap apps we’ve looked at are not yet ready for such a revolutionary changeover. And yet, there are some apps that can help you do this.

Vivid AI could be your best ally if you are looking for a full-body transformation. An extra bonus is a chance to experiment with various fashion outfits. In FacePlay, you can see your brand-new body in a short AI-generated video, taking your breath away.

What’s the best free gender swap app?

While most of the apps look truly exciting, not all of them are free. We’ve done all the research you need and selected our top 3 apps you can actually use without buying a subscription plan!

It appears that the best gender swap app you can use for free is Wondershare’s Gender Swap Filter. It allows you to test and download images for free without watermarks.

The second best gender swap app is Media.io. It has a Free Trial and you can use it for free 100% of your time if you don’t mind watermarks. During the Free Trial, you can also use 3 fully free AI tools and 12 other tools with some limits.

Our third-best pick is FaceApp. You can use the app for free, even though AI filters, faster processing and no watermarks are only available with the Premium plan.

Imagewith.ai Image Editor: Best AI Tool to Enhance a Realistic Gender Swap.

Interface of Imagewith.ai Image Editor

Let’s face it: a truly realistic gender swap needs more than an instant gender transformation app. To really complete your visual, you may need to add some vital finishing touches. Let’s see how Imagewith.ai Image Editor can help you with this!

Based on the state-of-the-art AI technology and totally free to use, this tool gives you the best options to create a perfect avatar with your alter gender. Keep reading to find out how!

Imagewith.ai Overscale

The before and after comparison by Imagewith.ai Overscale

In most cases, all you need for the final magical tweak is sharpen and enhance a photograph. If you need to increase its quality by 2x or even 4x and add that extra glow, Imagewith.ai’s Overscale can help you do this with lightning speed. Simply upload a photo and get a stunning new visual in no time.

Imagewith.ai Outcut

What if your old background is in stark contrast with your new gender? In this case, Imagewith.ai’s Outcut can help you remove the background seamlessly, opening doors to new creative designs. After uploading a picture, the cutting-edge AI technology selects your subject, leaving you with an endless color palette to experiment with.

The interface of Imagewith.ai Outcut

Imagewith.ai Clear Off A picture with a light The light disappeared after using Imagewith.ai Clear Off

Sometimes, an unwanted object can get in the way of a great visual. Objects may reinforce or contradict gender stereotypes, and you may need to remove them altogether.

Imagewith.ai’s Clear Off is the best way to remove such objects quickly and easily. Simply ‘tap’ or ‘draw’ over a painted area, and the AI algorithm will make it disappear in a matter of seconds.

Final thoughts

With the right tool, you can create a stunning gender swap. Some apps can give you a more realistic result than others, giving a start to new social media trends.

While the best gender swap apps can lead to amazing results, tools like Imagewith.ai Image Editor can add those powerful final tweaks you need. The cutting-edge AI tools can be the best ally if you need to create a realistic gender swap, leaving your audience in awe of your new self.