Best 10 Passport Photo Apps: Professional Home Snaps (2024)

Waiting in line amidst a lot of noise and constant baby tantrums is surely not a cup of tea for anyone. Fortunately, no one has to go through this agony to get a passport photo. The days are gone when you have to queue to fill out your documents and take a simple passport photo. These days, people fill out important documents and take their own passport photos in their comfort.

However, this is only possible if you know the best passport photo app to take the passport with. Your phone, whether an iPhone or Android, cannot produce good passport photos. Sure, you can take excellent photos with it, but a passport photo app will help you take a more professional-looking one.

Most countries or states may have some important aspects that you need to comply with on the photo. One of these compliances is not smiling on the passport, especially if it is a photo ID. Fortunately, some of these passport photo apps are good at complying with these guidelines, so you don't have to go to your local postal service shop.

Most of these apps are free, but others may require you to pay a fee to access some features. In this post, we will delve into some of the best passport photo apps you can use for your passports. Whether a free or a paid one, we will shed light on this and let you choose which app will serve you best.

Here’s a quick snapshot of the best passport photo apps we’ll explore in this article.

Passport Photo app


Passport ID PhotoMaker Studio

Mobile (Android, iOS)

Smartphone ID App

Mobile (Android, iOS)

ID Passport Visa Maker

Mobile (Android, iOS)

Official Passport Photo - Smartphone ID

Mobile (Android, iOS)

iVisa App

Web Browser | Mobile App (Google Play & App Store)

Passport Photo ID

Web Browser | Mobile App (Google Play & App Store)

Passport Size Photo Maker

Mobile (Android, iOS)


Web Browser | Mobile App (Google Play & App Store)

ID & Passport Photo Maker

Google Play & App Store)


Web browser

Passport ID PhotoMaker Studio - Best Passport Photo App


This app is first in our list because it allows you to not only take passport photos but also lets you print them. With this app, you can print your photos with the required passport dimensions you may need. So whether you need to get a passport for your ID or other professional documents, then this should be on your phone.

So, to get the app on your phone, all you need is to download it on your Android or iPhone mobile phone. From there, you can use the free feature to take a photo. However, for the advanced features of the Passport ID PhotoMaker Studio app, you may need to pay for the pro version.

The pro version allows you to edit your background, use the ink-saver feature, and access some helpful photo-taking tips. However, the free version allows you to take a photo with the correct dimensions and print them as well. The free version will also allow you to add your date and Name if necessary.

If you have a passport photo on your phone that requires editing, you can simply upload it on this app. You can upload a PNG or JPEG file and edit it in the studio to make it a correct passport photo.

Smartphone ID App - Best Passport Photo App iPhone Free


Smartphone ID app photo allows you to take passport photos that are in line with the requirements needed. It also allows you to take a photo directly from your phone.

The app will provide you with countless templates you can use to take a photo. They also span over a wide range of countries to understand the ID passport photo requirements. So whether it is a driver's license or an ID, you can use this app.

The best thing is that it is completely free to use. All you need is an Android or iOS device to download the photo. Once you have the photo, you can then upload it on the app, and the AI software will do its job to ensure the passport meets the recommended guidelines.

ID Passport Visa Maker - Best Passport Photo App Free


This is a free passport photo app that you can use to take passport photos from your iOS or Android device. You only need to download the app, and there you have it: a portable passport photography studio on your phone.

The app can be used to take passport photos for your Visa, license, and ID. The app, unlike many, is allowed for official use in some countries, including Korea, Brazil, Italy, USA, among others. This tells you that using this passport photo app will allow you to take passports that meet the correct standards.

What's more? The app is free to use. You can use tools like the passport photo resized that lets you edit your passport dimensions. The passport photo background remover is a tool in this app that lets you remove any unwanted background elements you don't need.

The printing tool on this app also allows you to print out your photos if needed. In addition, the app has many passport photo samples that you can use to get the correct photos.

The size editor tool we mentioned earlier allows you to print in different sizes. These include 10x5cm, 4x6 inches, A4 and 10x5cm. This means you can take your passport photo in any size and print it out at home or at the local photo studio near you.

Here’s a time-lapse video on how to use the app to take great passport photos.

How to Make a Passport Photo with Automatic Background Removal

Official Passport Photo - ID Photo App


This app is a free app that you can download for your iPhone or Android phone. It offers a quick and easy way to take passport photos.

After taking your passport photo, the app allows you to choose from the different sizes on the app. The available passport sizes include 5x7 inches and 3.5 x 5.25 inches. You can simply start by choosing your preferred size and then proceed to take the passport photo.

The results will be according to the passport size you chose. The app can also review your photo to ensure that it meets the recommended standards of a passport photo.

Passport Photo - The ID Photo app also has authorized passport templates from several countries. These countries include the Czech Republic, Taiwan, Belgium, France, and Vietnam, among many others. In fact, the app allows you to use templates from over 100 countries.

For the free version, you.might have to deal with the many ads on the app. However, in-app purchases are also available to remove ads and access colored photos.

Official Passport Photo - Smartphone ID - Best Passport Photo App iOS


In the age of AI, many people swear by the use of AI technology. This is not any different from using a passport photo app that uses AI. The official passport photo - smartphone ID is one app that uses AI in its operations.

The app is free and is suitable for UK residents. It may be a free app, but it offers great features for a passport photo app that helps you take a passport photo that meets the required standards.

The software behind this app is compatible with many countries' standard photo requirements. This means that you can easily choose a country to take a photo that is in line with your country of choice.

Here’s a time-lapse video on how to use the app to take great passport photos.

Secure passport photo for official documents

iVisa App


iVisa is a passport photo app that is freely available to download on your Android or iPhone device. With this app, you can rake a passport photo that is compatible with many country's standards.

While taking your passport photo, the app will review your photos, and they will immediately notify you if it doesn't meet the required standards. If you gate ads, this is the app for you. You will not need to pay for a premium package to get rid of the ads.

It also has a simple interface and a background remover tool. With the tool, you can simply remove the background from your passport photo. Now, the app allows you to get a printed, verified photo.

So, after taking the passport photo, you need to upload it for verification. You can choose for the photo to be delivered to your home or your local photo studio. You can also digitally download the photo on your phone and print it later.

If you want it delivered, the verification process can take a single afternoon. This means you can have the photo delivered as soon as you need it to be ready.

This is great if you are looking to have a verified passport photo for official use. Here’s a time-lapse video on how to use the app to take passport photos.

Easiest Way to Take your own Passport Photo [ At Home ]

Passport Photo AiD - Free Passport Photo App Android


This passport photo app is the real deal if you are looking to have your passport photos without having to download any app. It has a website where you can take a photo on your phone and upload it on the site. Alternatively, you can download the app on your phone if you don't mind it.

You can download the app on either your Android or iPhone and use it for free. Want to get rid of a background? The app lets you use the AI software for free. To comply with the many passport standards, the software will change any unwanted background to a white slate.

Does your phone generate high-quality photos? The app will let you take the passport photo on your phone and upload it. The AI software on the app will then detect if the app meets the recommended official passport standards.

Passport Size Photo Maker - The Best Passport Picture App


This is one of the best passport picture apps, especially if you are looking to use a user-friendly app. The Passport Size Photo Maker is perfect for US citizens because it was originally developed for them. Otherwise, anyone can use the app to generate their passport photos.

The app, like some of its counterparts, has a wide catalog of visa templates and passport templates. All of these templates are suited to work well for over 150 countries worldwide.

The app also has several tools that help in creating great passport photos. For instance, you can improve the quality of your photos by adjusting contrast, brightness, white balance, saturation, and many more. You can also change the background if you don't like it.



The Fotor app is not only a passport-friendly app but also a photo editing app that you can use to edit your photos. For instance, you can take a photo from your phone, upload it on the app, and then edit it into a passport. Apart from this, you can use the inbuilt passport photo maker to take your passport photos.

It has a dedicated passport photography studio, which means that you don't need to visit your local photo studio for a passport. The passport maker makes sure that you meet the official standards of a passport.

For example, in the US, you need to have a passport with a plain white or white background. The background shouldn't have any lines, spots, textures, or shadows. Therefore, the app lets you use the passport's photo maker to edit the passport photo.

You also don't need to download the app on your phone; you can use their site for all your needs. However, you can download the app on your Android or iOS phone. Apart from the background requirements that a US citizen should meet, they should also take extra care when it comes to passport sizes.

The requirements also demand that you have a 2x2-inch passport photo. All you need to do on this photo app is upload your photo, and you can change the passport photo size in one click.

Did we mention that the app is currently free to use? So, if your main question is, Is there a free app for taking passport photos? This app is completely free to use.

Here’s a time-lapse video showing the ease of use of the app itself and the amazing quality of the passport photos..

How to Create a Passport Photo Online

ID & Passport Photo Maker


This is another of the best passport photo apps that you can use to generate good passport photo apps. As its name suggests, this is not only a passport photo app; you can also use it to take Visa photos.

The app is only for Android users, so you can easily download it on your Android phone. It is an app dedicated to creating passport photos, so you will find tools specifically for passport photo editing needs.

Some of these tools include background removal, cropping tools, and printing tools. With this app, you can also choose from a range of different passport photo sizes. These sizes include; 1x1, 2x2, 4x6 and 5x7. With this app, you can upload photos from different forms of art, including PNG, WEBP, and JPEG.

The app also has passport templates that meet the standard passport photo requirements from countries such as Finland, Belgium, Greece, Turkey, Peru, etc.

Imagewith.AI The best for quality passport photos


Now, if you want an app that would further edit your passport photo, the Al Image Editor is the perfect app for you to use. The photo editor is free to use, and you can edit your photos online for free.

The photo editor has three main tools: imagewith.Ai Outcut, imagewith.Ai ClearOff, and imagewith.Ai Overscale.

Imagewith.Ai Outcut

This tool is used to remove any unwanted background from your photos. The US citizen passports require a clear background with no shadows, visible lines, or some spots.

Therefore, if you notice that your passport photos have some background objects, you can use them to remove the unwanted background. You only need to upload your photo and choose the background color you need, and in this case, you may need to choose the pure white background.

After you are done, you can then click on download to download the passport photo on your device. The process is simple and free, too.

Imagewith.Ai Clear Off

Some of the passport photos you might have generated from the apps we have listed above may contain some watermarks. Passport photos that you need to use for official needs don't need any watermarks; therefore, you need to remove them.

Imagewith.Ai Clear Off allows you to remove any unwanted objects from a photo, including watermarks. You may also need to remove unwanted objects before uploading a photo to any passport photo app. You can first use the app and then remove the unwanted objects.

You only need to upload a photo of the unwanted object on the site. You can then use the tap or draw options to highlight the objects. The site will then use its advanced AI technology to get rid of these objects.

Using the tool is also free to use, and you don't have to download it on your phone. You can simply use the official site.

Imagewith.AI Overscale

What if you have to use a photo with low resolution or poor quality? Simple. You can upload the photo on the imagewith.Ai the.Ai Overscale tool and improve the quality of the photo.

The tool allows you to improve the photo quality to 2 times better or four times better. You simply upload the photo you need to upscale, and in a few seconds, you can have your high-quality photo.

This is especially true if you already have an old photo that you have on your phone. You can first upscale it on Overscale and later upload it on the best passport photo app of your choice.


Taking a passport photo in the comfort of your home is convenient and very easy if you are using the best passport photo app. Most of the apps are free and will allow you to take a passport photo that meets the necessary standards.

Some of these apps have inbuilt photo editing capabilities, such as background removal. However, if you are satisfied with the editing part, you can use the Al Image Editor tools to help you with background removal.

It uses advanced AI software to edit any photo you have uploaded. It is also free and very easy to use. For the free version, you may have a limitation on the number of photos you can edit.