How To Hide Photos on Your iPhone | Easy Step-by-Step Guide

Smartphones are used in virtually every aspect of our daily lives, so maintaining privacy has never been more important. One way to increase the security of your iPhone is to hide photos you don’t want others to see. We’ll walk you through how to do that and more.

Table of Contents:

5 Reasons To Hide Photos On iPhone

People hide their photos for many different reasons, these are the main ones:

  1. Privacy: The most obvious reason to hide your photos is to protect your privacy. You might have pictures you don’t want others to see, especially if you share your phone with family members or you all use the same iCloud account.
  2. Security: In case your phone gets lost or stolen, hidden photos will be less obvious to prying eyes. While it’s not a replacement for a good lock screen password or biometric security, it adds an extra layer of security to your personal photos.
  3. Organization: By hiding less important or rarely accessed photos, you can keep your main photo album neat and organized. This makes it easier to navigate and find the photos that matter to you the most.
  4. Professional Use: If you use your iPhone for professional purposes, such as a work device, you might want to hide personal photos to maintain a professional appearance.
  5. Distraction reduction: By hiding photos you don’t often look at or need, you can reduce clutter and distractions in your photos app.

Remember, while the hidden album is not visible in your main photos tab, anyone who knows where to look in the Albums tab could still find and view your hidden photos if you are using an older version of iOS. Devices with iOS 16 and above are locked by default so you’ll need to apply your passcode every time you want to view your hidden photos.

How To Hide Photos on Your iPhone


Step #1 - Open the Photos app on your iPhone


Step #2 - Select the photo/photos you wish to hide


Step #3 - Click the dotted icon on the top right corner of your screen


Step #4 - In the options that appear, tap on Hide and confirm by tapping Hide Photo


Step #5 - Locate photos in the Hidden Photos Album

These instructions can also be followed to hide a video on your iPhone. If you’re using an earlier version of iOS, at step 3, you’ll need to press the share button on the bottom left of your screen.


How To Lock Hidden Photos on iPhone?

If your iPhone uses iOS 16 and above, then you’ll have to key in your passcode every time you want to view hidden photos. Photos get locked automatically.

How To Add Photos to the Hidden Album on iPhone?

To add photos to the hidden album, follow the instructions laid out in this article.

How To View Hidden Photos on iPhone?

To view hidden photos, open the Photos app, go to Albums, scroll down, and tap on Hidden, located under Utilities.

How To Hide Photos on iPhone Without iOS 16?

If you don’t have iOS 16, follow the instructions laid on in this article but at step 3, click the sharing button, located on the bottom left corner of your screen. You’ll see a drop-down list, containing an option to hide your photos.

How To Hide an Album on iPhone?

Right now, Apple does not allow you to hide entire Albums, only individual photos or videos

Why Are My Hidden Photos Not Showing Up in Albums?

Make sure you’re looking under the Hidden album, located in Utilities. If they are not there, it’s possible the photos did not get hidden or were accidentally deleted.

How Do I Create a Hidden Folder on My iPhone?

Apple does not currently provide a way to hide whole folders on your iPhone.

Can You Lock Photos on an iPhone?

You can’t lock individual photos, however you can lock your hidden photos album.

How Can I Edit Photos on an iPhone?

While Apple does provide some photo editing capabilities such as filters and cropping tools, the features are quite basic. If you’re looking to perform more advanced editing such as improving image resolution or removing unwanted elements and backgrounds, Imagewith.AI is a much better option.

Edit Photos Using Imagewith.AI

Imagewith.Ai is an AI-powered photo editing and enhancing platform that is free to use. It comes with three main tools:

  1. Outcut: This tool allows you to remove the background of your images. It's perfect for creating professional-looking photos for social media or your business.

  2. Overscale: This image upscale tool enhances the resolution of your images, making them clearer and more detailed. This is especially useful if you're working with low-resolution photos that you want to print or display.

  3. Clearoff: With Clearoff, you can remove unwanted objects, people, text, and watermarks from your photos. This is great for creating cleaner, distraction-free images.

These tools, powered by advanced AI technology, offer a level of editing and enhancement that goes far beyond the basic features offered by the iOS Photos app. Whether you're a professional photographer looking for a powerful editing tool on-the-go, or a casual user wanting to improve your photos, imagewith.Ai offers a versatile solution.

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