Pixelcut Review & Top Alternatives: What Our Experts Say

When you need an AI photo editor that caters to both your product and personal needs, you would have heard of Pixelcut. With several features, it does sound too perfect to be true, but you also know exceptions do exist. So, is Pixelcut legitimate, does it work, are all its features good; we have mentioned you all. Besides, it also has drawbacks; therefore, we have covered you all with Pixelcut review and Its alternatives!

How Does Pixelcut Work?

Pixelcut has a suite of tools that leverage the power of advanced AI algorithms to give stunning results in seconds. You must download its Mobile app from PlayStore or App Store and hop on to the feature you wish to use!

With a friendly GUI, you have to click the feature title in a few clicks; the final results will be ready!

Features of Pixelcut

There are several features that Pixelcut offers. These include photo editing and product functionalities, while it also contains Video tools. These include converting video to GIF, trimming video, and modifying its speed.

Apart from that, since it's for businesses and individuals, let's discuss the most relevant features in the context!

QR Code Generator

The QR Code Generator requires links as input and converts them into QR codes. You can then upload this QR on your business website, share it with individuals, and perform similar tasks.

Outline Generator

When you want to cut stickers from your photos to generate stickies, whether to print them or use them for various purposes, Outline Generator helps. Just upload your image, select your background, and it cuts your photo along with an outline.

Magic Eraser

You would have images containing unwanted objects, watermarks, and similar aspects. The Pixelcut Magic Eraser requires you to mark the part you want to remove, and it does the needful for you!

Resize Photo

You would often want to review your photo for use on several social media platforms or banners, posters, etc. Here's where its Resize feature has various templates for social media and an option to set custom sizes.

Remove Background

For your product, it is vital to remove the background and use the object left as a focus in various images. Here's where its background removal tool helps!

AI Photo Shoot

You would want to photograph the effect of a photoshoot or convert its objects, which looks like a professional shoot. Therefore, this feature is essential for AI for such an effect.

Batch Edit

Editing each photo one by one is a hassle. The batch edit feature uses and edits multiple images in one go and saves time. Besides, the processing time can exceed from some seconds to minutes.


Pixelcut lets you create grid Collages for personal use with lots of editing options for frames and some options to choose the layout.

Blank Project

When you have something creative to plan for your business, choose a blank project. Further, you can add elements, templates, and lots more.

Profile Photo

Creating a profile photo requires you to Put your face in focus and add a colored background or similar in the background. Further, sometimes you would see it in a circular shape. Therefore, the Profile Picture option comes in handy.


Pixelcut has an inbuilt photo editor that lets you choose filters that you want to apply to your pictures. Thus, if you choose black and white, colored, duo color, and want to look fairer, this feature is apt.


You would want to enhance your image by increasing its resolution to look clear and crisp. The Upscale feature thus upscales the photo you upload into it and gives a shaper resolution.


When you already have objects or products in focus, sometimes it does happen that you feel another color it would work better. Hence, you can select the thing and change its color.

AI Shadows

You would want to add shadows to objects or characters so that it look natural. You can add such shadows for a natural look using the AI Shadows feature.

Product Photo

You can click a photo, remove its background, use another background or mockup, and have a clear product photo for your purpose.

Final Pixelcut Review and Its Alternatives

Pixelcut is an excellent tool for all your needs; however, it's mainly for product photos. So, it often doesn't perform well for complex images. Moreover, despite a horde of features and claiming to be a free app, you need the Pro plan for various aspects.

After editing, it leaves a Watermark on the project, and for its removal, you have to get the Pro plan. Further, for faster processing, it also needs a paid plan. Here's where you would look for Pixelcut alternatives, so let's dig into the details!

1. Imagewith.ai: Best Pixelcut Free Alternative

Imagewith.ai - Best Pixelcut Free Alternative with Clearoff, Outcut AI, and Overscale

Are you looking to create and edit your photographs perfectly with a few clicks and no special hardware?

If yes, here's where you need to try the Imagewith.ai photo editor with plenty of efficiency tools!

It has an Imagewith.ai' Clearoff tool, which erases unwanted objects from photos. Unlike most others, which require you to draw the area you wish to remove, you can achieve it by tapping on the object here. It clears the debris like magic, and it doesn't seem any entity ever existed. You can even edit the chosen area or use the brush as well.

Besides, if you want to remove the entire background, you do not need to eliminate any objects individually. This tool even has the Imagewith.ai‘Outcut AI background remover tool, which has faster processing and immediate background removal.

Unlike others, you don't have any credit system here, nor do you need a subscription to download the transparent image in HD quality. While downloading, you can choose any colored or white background to add to your transparent PNGs for clean product photography or social media profiles

Further, if your image is in a low resolution or you want to make it more realistic with sharp and clear pixels, do check Imagewith.ai Overscale. Using it, you can upscale your image into 2k or 4k resolution in a single click using the 2x and 4x features. The latter is paid, but the former is entirely free and effective.

Moreover, other image upscale tools aren't suitable for transparent PNGs as they add a black background while downloading. But, Overscale stands apart. Among these three features of Imagewithai, the remarkable aspect is that you get image format export options while downloading.

With all these features, we rate it as number #1, so what stops you from trying it? Since it's available online, you don't need any special device to install and access it. A standard smartphone or PC is enough!

2. ClipDrop

ClipDrop - AI Image Editor for Extracting and Editing Images

Are you looking for an AI Image Editor tool using which you can extract images and objects from photos to export them into photo-editing applications?

If yes, then that's what ClipDrop is famous for! You can also edit, resize, and crop images on its tool online within a few minutes. Especially if you are someone in the graphic designing industry or work regularly with photos, ClipDrop is for you!

You can remove the background from images with its ClipDrop Remove Background feature or even change it using ClipDrop Replace Background to get stunning results. You can batch process images up to 10 to remove their backgrounds in one click. Apart from that, it does have an image upscale as well. Though it claims to use advanced AI algorithms, users face a lack of final touch.

Moreover, many of the options present in its features, like exporting in high-resolution resolution similar, are reserved for premium access.

It also has a ClipDrop Text to Image tool, which generates AI images in a few seconds based on the given prompts. But all the tools of ClipDrop do suffer a drawback: if the image is a bit complex, it would take longer to process that image.

3. removal.ai

Removal.ai - Efficient AI Image Editor with Automatic Background Removal

How about an AI image editor tool that's exceptionally efficient with the functionality it provides?

If yes, removal.ai, though with less, its team is highly efficient in developing tools that provide excellent results. It leverages the power of AI and performs automatic background removal for the images you upload.

However, in the case of complex illustrations and images, it fails. Sometimes, the transparent PNG results don't have sharper pixels. Yet it lets you preview the results at 1500×1000 pixels without any credit system.

If you want to preview and download the image in high resolution, then your input photo can be greater than 12 MB as well. Though Removal.ai has free basic features, for better quality or to unlock more options, you have to buy its paid plan.

4. Blend

Blend - AI Product Photo Editor for Professional-Quality Images Do you want your product to be remarkable and look perfect in the Shopsy and Etsy store listings?

Well, who doesn't want to increase their e-commerce sales, so you must check out Blend!

It lets you create picture-perfect products without the involvement of a graphic designer in a few minutes.

Besides, you can also upload your products, and it suggests an AI background for them. You can check one and add to your products for professional quality photos. Thus, it has 500 templates, an excellent option to add to your products on Social Media.

Moreover, you do have a Blend AI background remover for your products, but that sometimes becomes a little inefficient.

5. Photoroom: Best Pixelcut Alternatives for Android

Photoroom - Best Pixelcut Alternative for Android with Background Removal and Editing

Do you want an automated cutout tool for your products or social media profile pictures?

If yes, Photoroom is a must-check on your list that removes the photo background in a few seconds.

Besides, you can swap or add backgrounds in seconds for studio-grade pictures. If you are a digital marketer, then it is apt for your social media profiles as well since it lets you add colored backgrounds to images.

Moreover, PhotoRoom enables you to add backdrops and shadows in a few seconds. However, we found that the features are a bit bland. Although its background remover works, the app suffers a significant drawback.

You must avail of its subscription to use it; otherwise, it contains a watermark. Further, its advanced features cannot be accessed otherwise and need a premium plan.

6. Claid.ai

Claid.ai - AI Photo Enhancement Tool for Products and Brands

Are you seeking an AI-powered photo enhancement tool suitable for your products and brands?

If yes, you must check Claid.ai, which lets you do so!

Apart from these features, it has an image enlarger and color corrector, giving your pictures a one-touch, richer look. You can edit their backgrounds as well and integrate them into your workforce model as well.

However, it requires a computer handy to access Claid.ai and isn't easy to use. It has a great learning curve, so you would need a reasonable amount of time to learn and use it.

7. FocoClipping

FocoClipping - AI Background Remover with Precise Object Recognition

Are you looking for an AI Image background remover that removes the image background in seconds?

If yes, you should check FocoClipping, which precisely recognizes the background to be removed. However, upon removing it, you would find that the pixels of the cutout's outline aren't that sharp.

Besides, its bulk image background remover eliminates the backgrounds of multiple images in one go! It has a custom software plug-in API as well to integrate with your workflow. It claims itself to be a 1-click background remover, but that's false. After removing the background, you must sign up for the App to download cutout, which isn't a good option.

8. remove.bg

 remove.bg - Free AI Image Background Removal Tool

Do you want to remove your image background for free?

If yes, remove.bg is a must-check on your list!

You have to visit its website to upload your image, and it eliminates the image background with a few clicks. Further, you can add colored or realistic backgrounds to the cutout if you wish to!

If you aren't satisfied with the cutout, you can edit it manually. However, it previews the cutout at nearly 650 pixels resolution, and for HD quality, you need more credits, which requires a subscription. The first credit is free for you!

9. Photo Retouch: Best Pixelcut Alternatives iOS

Photo Retouch - Best Pixelcut Alternative for iOS with Comprehensive Photo Editing Features

Are you looking for a comprehensive Pixelcut alternative iOS with a horde of features?

If yes, you must check Photo Retouch, which lets you remove objects from an image like they never existed!

Alternatively, it has many features to Retouch your face, like changing its shape from various aspects. Besides, eye and nose options let you modify the size and shape of it as well. You can also change your hairstyle in a few retouches.

Where you want to beautify yourself, whiten it, or blur any aspect of your face, Photo Retouch lets you do it as well. You can even blur objects in the photo. Though it is a comprehensive app, it isn't suitable for your products, and even the facial editing sometimes doesn't look natural!

10. Remini

 Remini - Pixelcut Alternative for Android with Image Enhancement and Upscaling Features

Are you looking for Pixelcut alternatives for Android to enhance your images in one go?

If yes, then Remini works the best for you!

You only have to download your app and upload your picture to resize! Though it doesn't work for free, you can access it at no cost by watching a few ads.

Amongst various image upscales like Zyro and Canva, Remini excels. You can upscale only 4-5 images in a specific time, and after the credits end, you have to wait or buy the premium plan.

You can even add an AI background or create an AI avatar of your image. Yet, the tool isn't suitable for your products. This is because its advanced AI is meant for faces; thus, it reconstructs the details upon detecting tests, making it blur!

The Final Word: Pixelcut Review and Its Alternatives

Pixelcut is a stunning app for Android and iOS with a suite of photo, video, and product needs. Though primarily free, some advanced features are premium, and the edited images contain a watermark.

To eliminate it, you have to avail its subscription. This makes it unfit for your personal and business needs. You do not always feel like spending on Pixelcut, and sometimes it's not worth it when other apps provide the same for free.

Pixelcut has several alternatives, some for Desktop, some for Android, and others for iOS. Amongst all these, Imagewith.ai is the best alternative we reviewed and tested.

Since Imagewith.ai uses advanced AI algorithms, you don't need to register or sign up, and it has distinct features. The alternative has three tools: ImageWith.AI’s Clearoff tool to remove objects, ImageWith.AI’s Outcut for background removal, and ImageWith.AI’s Overscale for upscaling images. All of these are free to use, do not contain a watermark, and do give the impression that the photo was edited.

Along with downloading in the chosen image format, it works for product photos, characters, and complex illustrations! What else do you need?

Frequently Asked Questions?

What app is better than Pixelcut?

Imagewith.ai, the online AI photo editor app, is better than Pixelcut. It uses more advanced AI algorithms, is primarily free, and gives effective results in each project.

Is there a free version of Pixelcut?

Pixelcut supports some basic features for free. Imagewith.AI and FocoClipping are free and have features similar to Pixelcut.

Which is better, Pixelcut or PhotoRoom?

Pixelcut is better than PhotoRoom as it contains more features and supports video editing tools.

What is the difference between Pixelcut and Clipdrop?

Pixelcut and Clipdrop differ in the number of features each produces. While ClipDrop caters only to product needs, Pixelcut also supports personal needs and video editing tools.


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