12 Best Remini alternatives to Enhance Your Photos In 2024

Are you looking for alternative solutions to Remini? Despite the app’s massive popularity, many users like you have been looking for newer, cheaper and faster AI photo editors. So what’s wrong with Remini, and how to find the best Remini alternatives?

In this guide, we have selected all the state-of-the-art AI photo editing tools launched after 2020. We’ve also researched the best alternatives to each Remini feature to help you make the right decision.

Interested in finding your perfect AI photo editor? Keep reading!

What is the best AI photo enhancer? What science says.

Gone are the days when enhancing a photo was possible only with Photoshop. Technology and cameras have evolved, and the modern-day market offers several highly efficient AI photo editing apps. They do not require any specific photo editing skills and can help you solve your problem in a timely manner. But is brand-new AI really efficient when it comes to editing a photograph?  Image editing work space

In her groundbreaking study on AI in photo editing, experienced photographer Noor Fatima discovered that AI tools can be very powerful when upscaling a photo. Some learning algorithms are even more advanced than others and can lead to marvellous results.

With more training datasets, the future AI tools will become even more efficient in producing high-quality resolution. That’s why the brand-new AI tools with the most state-of-the-art technologies and features can deliver the best results.

Let’s see if Remini is one of such tools!

Is Remini the best photo enhancer?

Propelled to fame with TikTok, Remini has been a hugely popular app over the recent years. With more than 100M+ downloads and 3.15M reviews, it’s had a strong impact on the photo editing industry. So why do users look for Remini alternatives? Remini-a hugely popular photo enhancing app

The app has a wide range of AI photo and video-enhancing tools, making it an attractive choice at first sight. Indeed, Remini can enhance, denoise and sharpen your photos and videos. It can also generate an AI version of yourself using the generative AI technology. Another good thing about it is that it works on any device. You can install it on your PC and download it on iPhone or Android.

Even though its range of features have made it popular with photo enthusiasts, Remini is not always the best photo editor in town. Let’s see why.

  • Price.

Remini offers very limited opportunities to test it for free. Its weekly and monthly subscriptions are expensive. Besides, its Photoshop plugin comes at an additional cost.

  • Reported security breaches.

Some users have voiced concerns over data privacy issues, such as the use of other people’s facial features from Remini’s library. Another controversial issue has been the use of generated AI images for malicious purposes. Even though there’s been no evidence, some users have been concerned with the app’s safety.

  • Lack of focus

Remini offers a wide range of AI photo and video editing tools. However, with such a great variety of features, it is easy to lose focus and quality. Most brand new AI photo editing tools specialize in one particular feature, such as Image Sharpening or Video Enhancement. Subject expertise helps them build authority and trust with the users.

  • Overall 4.0 rating.

Remini’s current rating is 4 / 5, while other brand new tools have higher ratings.

  • Released before 2020.

Launched in 2019, Remini is not the latest app on the market. Even though it introduced its extremely popular Generative AI feature in 2022, its popularity must have taken the app’s focus away from developing other essential features.

Let’s look at these points in more detail.

Does Remini sell or steal your photos?

Let’s start with ethical questions. They usually worry the most when you upload your photos in an online photo editing tool. It is not likely that a well-established platform like Remini steals or sells your photos to someone else. Remini provides convincing arguments about their high-security standards, but some cybersecurity experts point out that users must still be cautious with their data.

Is Remini no longer free?

Price is another crucial factor. Remini has a short test-for-free option, but if you want to use the app regularly, you will have to buy a weekly, monthly or yearly subscription.

Remini is actually cheaper for personal use but can lead to significant expenses if you plan to use it regularly and/or professionally. Here are the two options:

Weekly subscription:

Personal: $6.99/week

Business: $9.99/week

Monthly subscription:

Personal: $17.99/month

Business: $24.99/month

This may be a bigger investment compared to newer AI tools that cost less or can even be free.

How do I not pay for Remini?

If you are planning to use the app on a regular basis, you will have to choose between the Personal or Business option. The best way to avoid paying for Remini is to look at the newer AI photo editing tools. Scroll down below to see what most recent tools you have at your disposal.

Does Remini edit your face?

The brand-new AI photo editing tools often include this highly popular request. Whether you need to enhance your picture for your social media or professional use, in the majority of cases face enhancement is a must. But does Remini really edit your face?

While it includes a Face enhancement option in its list of features, Remini can enhance the general aspect of your face. With its Beautify Mode, it also allows users to choose between different Face Modes, such as Glam, Natural or Cute.  Different Beautify Modes of Remini

However, it doesn’t have enough tools to enhance facial features, such as eyes or lips. Many brand-new apps, such as Picsart and Vivid AI Photo Enhancer, offer a much greater variety of tools to enhance a face. Also, a watermark on the test image doesn’t always allow you to see the true result.

Why not to use Remini?

Data privacy and price are certainly among the top users’ concerns. But there are other important reasons why you may look for an alternative.

Remini was launched before 2020. However, AI is changing extremely fast. New apps with more advanced underlying algorithms, tools and features are entering the market.

Compared to them, Remini seems to miss out on crucial brand-new features in photo editing. Some of them are object or background removal, animating a portrait or increasing a resolution up to 8k.

Research studies show that AI used for photo editing must undergo continuous training to deliver better results. You definitely don’t want to miss out on the features available in newer, more advanced AI editing tools to enhance your photo!

Is there a better app than Remini?

With so many AI photo editors available these days, it’s easy to get lost. How do you know which of them are using brand-new AI technologies?

Overscale, Clearoff and Outcut feature of Imagewith.ai Image Editor

In this exclusive guide, we have selected the newest AI online photo editors that have been all the rage since 2020. Here’s the list of the newest 11 photo editors on the market:

  • 2023 Imagewith.ai Image Editor
  • 2023 Hit Paw AI Photo Enhancer
  • 2023 Hit Paw AI Video Enhancer
  • 2023 Blue Willow AI
  • 2023 Vivid AI Photo Enhancer
  • 2022 Photoshop 24.0 version.
  • 2022 Topaz Labs PhotoAI
  • 2022 CutOut.Pro
  • 2021 PicWish
  • 2020 Vance.ai
  • 2020 Enhance Fox AI Photo Enhancer

Now let’s look at what they are good alternatives to Remini.

What are Remini alternatives for IOS, Android and PC? 11 post-2020 tools.

After careful research, we’ve selected the best brand-new alternatives to each of Remini’s features. Let’s look at the top post-2020 tools on the market and see how they can help you solve your problem.

1. Best Remini alternative for enhancing the background in photos online? Imagewith.AI Image Editor (2023)

While Remini offers a solution to enhance the background, it actually increases the overall quality of a picture. But what if you need to go further than that and remove unwanted objects or experiment with new backgrounds?

Imagewith.ai Image Editor - Advanced AI for Background and Overall Picture Quality Enhancement

A leading Remini alternative to enhance the background in a photo is Imagewith.ai Image Editor. Launched in May 2023, the AI-powered tool uses cutting-edge technology to enhance the background but also overall picture quality. It also helps you to remove anything that ruins your shot, helping you create a truly stunning visual.

Imagewith.ai uses 3 closely related features working in unison to enhance your background. Let’s look at each of them.

Imagewith.ai Clear Offallows you to remove an unwanted object from your background in a matter of seconds. The intelligent AI algorithm works quickly and efficiently: all you have to do is tap or draw over the object you want to remove, and it will be gone with lightning speed!

Imagewith.ai Clear Off Example

And what if you realized that your brand-new photo deserves a different background? Imagewith.ai Outcut anticipates this move, allowing you to seamlessly remove the background and experiment with new designs. The state-of-the-art technology swiftly selects the area and allows you to download it instantly, letting your creative imagination go wild.

Imagewith.ai Outcut removes the background

Finally, Imagewith.ai Overscale feature helps you turn your brand-new photo into a sharp, clean and captivating visual. You can dramatically increase your resolution and enjoy the crisp and clear result.

Imagewith.ai Overscale Example

What is the difference between Remini and Imagewith.ai Image Editor?

  • The latest AI technology.

Launched this spring, Imagewith.ai uses truly state-of-the-art AI algorithms. With its seamless results and unbeatable processing time, you can enjoy the features of the latest AI photo editor.= on the market.

  • Brand-new features.

While Remini increases the quality of your background, Imagewith.ai gives you significantly more opportunities to enhance it. Remove an unwanted object from the background, remove the background itself, or experiment with other creative designs - Imagewith.ai gives you the freedom to realise your creative vision.

  • Three interconnected features.

Remini offers a set of various AI features, ranging from Video Enhancer to Old Photo Restorer. In contrast, Imagewith.ai gives priority to quality and focus. It comes with a set of closely connected features, which complement each other and anticipate your creative steps.

  • No watermark on the test image.

Unlike Remini, you don’t see the annoying watermark on your test picture. Remini’s watermarks, on the other hand, make the result more difficult to see. With Imagewith.ai, you can focus on the final photo and fully appreciate the result.

A test image without watermark on Imagewith.ai

  • Unlimited free use.

Imagewith.ai offers a fully free option. You can use it on a daily basis completely for free, without having to buy a subscription plan.

  • You can download your test image for free.

With Imagewith.ai, you can easily download various photos in different formats on your device completely for free.

  • Fully online use.

Imagewith.ai is entirely online. No need to download software or install an app: the state-of-the-art photo editing AI is right here for you! Try it out now to enjoy the simple and straightforward user interface.

2. Best Remini alternative for generating AI images? Blue Willow AI (2023)

One of the praised Remini’s features has been its ability to generate AI avatars, professional profile pictures and even your future baby! One of the recent AI tools that gives you more opportunities to experiment with your alter ego is Blue Willow AI.

What is the difference between Remini and Blue Willow AI?

  • Inviting user interface

In Remini, the AI Image Generation feature is available only on mobile. With Blue Willow AI, you don’t have to look for the app and wait for its installation. Use it online to generate your AI character!

Blue Willow AI’s user-friendly interface invites you to generate an alter ego version of yourself right from the start. Just tap your description in the prompt to test the tool.

Blue Willow AI - Creative AI Avatar Generation and Alter Ego Exploration In a matter of seconds, you will see a generated result. At this stage, you can even use a Negative prompt to generate what you don’t want to see. You can also change quality and image dimensions. Change quality and image dimensions

You can generate more results by clicking on the ‘Generate image’ below.

Click on Generate Image to generate more results

In the fast-paced 2023, a simple and straightforward interface is definitely a winner. It smoothes your creative process, giving you the best user experience.

  • Use it for free.

Unlike Remini, you can generate one and even more images completely for free. It is crucial when you need to know how the tool works and what kind of result it delivers.

  • Free newsletter with tips and tutorials on creating AI generated pictures.

If you want to stay up-to-date with the latest advice on how to create a perfect AI image, you can subscribe to a newsletter. It also has a blog covering all aspects of AI generated art, which you may want to explore.

3. Best Remini alternative for enhancing a face? Vivid Ai Photo Enhancer (2023)

Who wouldn’t want to have a flawless face? Whether you want to fix your hair, get an HD portrait or add glow to your skin, Vivid AI Photo Enhancer is an excellent alternative to Remini.

With its special focus on portraits and selfies, it offers a wide range of solutions for hair, eye, skin and lip correction. Its Retouch Tool helps to unblur face or remove the grain. This highly-rated app that can create a captivating HD portrait, which will lure anyone on social media!

What is the difference between Remini and Vivid AI Photo Enhancer?

  • enjoy a special focus on facial features

Vivid AI Photo Enhancer offers unique solutions for different kinds of facial problems. With expertise in face enhancement, it may be a good alternative for you if you are looking to enhance a portrait.

  • have fun exploring cartoon selfie and portrait anime

The tool unleashes your creativity giving you a chance to experiment with fun alter ego versions of yourself. Turn yourself into a cartoon character or animate your portrait, and prepare a highly original avatar or visual for your social media!

  • colorize a black and white face

What if you need to work on a black and white face in an old photograph? Vivid AI Photo Enhancer can help you with this, too. Add vivid colours to the portrait of your ancestor and bring the beloved photos back to life.

4. Best Remini alternative for enlarging an image? Hit Paw AI Photo Enhancer (2023)

Having to enlarge a small image can be tricky. Not many online AI tools offer this solution. It is not easy to turn a small image into a bigger one without sacrificing the quality. Fortunately, there is a tool that can work the magic for you!  Hit Paw AI Photo Enhancer - AI-Driven High-Resolution Image Upscaling

What is the difference between Remini and Hit Paw AI Photo Enhancer?

  • High image resolution

While Remini increases an image size up to 2x, this photo enhancer can enlarge and upscale your photo up to 4k and even 8k. This app can significantly increase your photo’s resolution!

  • Old photo enlarger

HitPaw AI Photo Enhancer can also work with old photos. It offers a great way to make your photograph visually bigger, preserving your precious memories.

5. Best Remini alternative free app to fix blurry pictures? PicWish AI Photo Editor (2021)

Picwish is another recent AI app that helps you unblur your photo in a quick and efficient way.

 PicWish AI Photo Editor - Efficient AI-Powered Blur Removal and Image Sharpening Simply upload your blurry picture and wait for Picwish to process it.

Upload the blurry picture and process it with PicWish AI Photo Editor The result will turn out to be much clearer and sharper than the original. Download the image

What is the difference between Remini and PicWish AI Photo Editor?

  • Download your test image for free

PicWish allows you to download your test image for free, even if not in HD.

  • Enjoy an accurate restoration of blurry areas

PicWish makes the unblurred area as close to the original as possible. In our comparison of Remini and PicWish below, PicWish has preserved a smile on the woman’s face. The area around the restored area also looks clearer and sharper. The accurate restoration of blurry areas Clear focus on removing blur and sharpening images

  • Focus on unblurring and sharpening images

The app has a clear focus on removing blur and sharpening images, which builds trust in its expertise in this area.

6. Best Remini alternative for fixing colour in a photo? Enhance Fox AI Photo Enhancer (2020)

One of Remini’s top features is its ability to add a colour boost to a photo. However, it offers limited color correction options. Enhance Fox can be a powerful Remini alternative to enhance the colour.

Enhance Fox AI Photo Enhancer - Vibrant Color Enhancement and Black and White Photo Colorization

This app offers a wide range of solutions to enhance the glow of a picture and boost its colour palette.

What is the difference between Remini and Enhance Fox AI Photo Enhancer?

  • A real colour boost

Enhance Fox adds a real colour boost to your photos. In enriches the colour palette, adding a special glow to your picture with an HD resolution

  • Colorizing black and white photos

If you need to add some vintage appeal to old photos, Enhance Fox could certainly be your go-to solution. It colorizes black and white photos rapidly, putting your subjects in the limelight.

  • High ratings

Rated 4.4, the app clearly has a high potential in enhancing colour and general image enhancement. You can read all the reviews, including the less positive ones.

7. Best Remini alternative for enhancing video quality? HitPaw AI Video Enhancer (2021)

HitPaw AI Video Enhancer is a powerful tool to work on different aspects of a damaged video. Whether you need to upscale a grainy video, increase resolution or repair a severely damaged video, this tool can be your best solution.  HitPaw AI Video Enhancer - Comprehensive Video Quality Enhancement and Colorization

What is the difference between Remini and HItPaw AI Video Enhancer?

  • Focus on Video Enhancement

The tool works exclusively with videos, developing its expertise in video enhancement to great heights. It is always easier to trust the tool specializing in one particular AI editing domain.

  • Very high final resolution

This tool gives you a chance to enhance and even enlarge your video up to 4K/8K, giving it a significant visual boost.

  • Colorizing black and white movies

Who wouldn’t want to see the videos from the past in colour? This AI Video Enhancer can colorize black and white videos, completely transforming your memories.

  • Upscaling animated cartoons

Effective AI noise reduction techniques don’t only work with human videos. If you have damaged or blurry animated cartoons, HitPaw AI Video Enhancer can efficiently fix it, too!

8. Best Remini alternative for Restoring old photos Photoshop 24.0 version (2022)

Photoshop is a powerful tool when you need to restore old photos manually. Even if there are dedicated AI Old Photo restorers on the market, Photoshop offers more possibilities to enhance an old memory.

Not quite familiar with Photoshop? Don’t worry! Restoring an old photo in Photoshop with AI technologies is possible even for complete beginners. Check in this YouTube video

Photoshop tutorial on Photo restoration: how to repair and restore damaged photographs; you can learn how to use two Photoshop tools to restore an old photo in a hassle-free way. PHOTOSHOP TUTORIAL: Photo Restoration, How to repair and restore damaged Photographs

What is the difference between Remini and Photoshop?

  • The latest AI technology

In its recent version released in October 2022, Photoshop stays up to date with major developments in AI photo editing technology.

  • Human and AI potential aligned

Who said manual edits in Photoshop are long? The leading professional software gives you a possibility to have full control of your photo and leverage the power of AI technology to smooth your workflow. The perfect match between human and machine photo editing potential!

  • Highly personalized results

The key advantage of Photoshop is that you can work towards highly individual results. Want to delete the majority of the signs of damage but keep some of them for a greater charm? It’s all up to you! Manual edits give you complete freedom over what you want to see in the final result.

9. Best Remini alternative for enhancing a low-quality picture? Topaz PhotoAI (2022)

A popular alternative to Remini, Topaz PhotoAI can help you enhance both your photo and video resolution. While the website may look less inviting due to the lack of images, the tool has chosen this path to stand out from the crowd.  Topaz PhotoAI - Cutting-Edge AI Techniques for Photo and Video Resolution Enhancement

What is the difference between Remini and Topaz Labs?

  • State-of-the-art technology

Launched in 2022, the tool uses the most advanced AI photo editing techniques. With a deep analysis of your photo, it delivers highly accurate results.

  • Introduction video to learn more about the tool

Instead of more traditional Before and After examples, Tapaz LabsAI chose to create a highly professional video to introduce their work.

  • Photoshop and Lightroom plugins

The app offers unique Photoshop and Lightroom plugins, bringing together the power of tomorrow’s technology and the potential of the leading AI editing software.

  • One-time purchase

A one-time purchase saves you the hassle of monthly subscriptions, letting you download the tool for permanent use.

11. Best Remini alternative for enhancing video background? Cut Out Pro.

While Imagewith.ai Image Editor is clearly a winner if you need to enhance a photo background, CutOut Pro is its match for video projects.   Cut Out Pro - Efficient Video Background Removal and Editing Solution

What is the difference between Remini and CutOut Pro?

  • Simple and inviting interface

With CutOut Pro, you can upload your video in a matter of seconds. An inviting demo video reassures you about the result and invites you to test the tool.

  • Change the video background

A colour palette is available to choose a different colour once you have removed the background.

  • A high file size

Worried that your video file is too big? CutOut Pro has a solution for big videos, too. An impressive maximum file size of 2GB gives you a chance to work on the most professional videos.

12. Best Remini alternative for sharpening a photo? Vance.ai (2020)

Vance.ai is another powerful tool specializing in sharpening images online. Rapid, professional and easy to use, this tool can instantly turn a blurry picture into a sharp and clear visual.

Vance.ai - Diverse AI Sharpen Models for Precision Image Sharpening

What is the difference between Remini and Vance.ai?

  • 3 AI Sharpen Models

Vance.ai uses 3 powerful AI models sharpening different kinds of visuals. Soft Blur smoothes edges, Motion Blur sharpens the moving objects or people and Lens Blur makes out-of-focus pictures sharper and crisper. You can choose the Sharpen Mode after you have uploaded the picture. When in doubt, you can always choose General Mode to make the decision easier. The 3 powerful AI models of Vance.ai

  • data safe guarantee

Unlike data security issues surrounding Remini, Vance.ai guarantees that all photos will be deleted in 24 hours after being processed. Rest assured, your data is completely safe with Vance.ai.

  • user-friendly test-for-free option

Upload your photo and test Vance.ai online entirely for free. You can also download the test picture without a watermark for free!

Is there a free app to enhance photos?

We’ve seen why the newest AI photo and video editors are great Remini alternatives. But which of them is completely free?

Out of all the tools we’ve looked at, Imagewith.ai Image Editor clearly stands out as a fully free online tool. While it offers a monthly subscription plan, it also gives you an opportunity to use it completely for free.

Many other apps in our list offer test-for-free opportunities. For example, Vance.ai offers the possibility to test it entirely for free. Some tools, like Blue Willow AI and Topaz LabsAI, only offer one-payment options without any monthly subscriptions.

Finally, let’s see which devices are most suitable for these tools.

What are Remini alternatives for IOS?

If you are looking for the best AI enhancer app on your iPhone, here are the four apps you can download from the App Store:

  • CutOut.Pro
  • Vivid AI Photo Enhancer
  • Enhance Fox AI Photo Enhancer

What are Remini alternatives for Android?

In case you are going to use your app on an Android, you have a slightly wider choice of the apps available on Google Play:

  • Vivid AI Photo Enhancer
  • HitPaw AI Photo Enhancer
  • CutOut.Pro
  • Enhance Fox AI Photo Enhancer

What are Remini alternatives for PC?

If you are more comfortable using AI tools on your desktop, here are the top tools you can download on your computer.

  • Picwish
  • Photoshop
  • Topaz Labs
  • CutOut.Pro
  • Vance.ai

What are Remini alternatives online?

Here are the tools that you can use entirely online without having to download any software or install any app.

Final thoughts

Since 2019, when Remini was launched, AI photo editing techniques have evolved dramatically. They now offer features, such as face enhancement and AI Image Generation, which were way less developed before 2020.

In most cases, you only need a few specialized tools working in unison to enhance a picture. Some post-2020s tools like Imagewith.ai are a perfect example of how you can enhance a photo rapidly and efficiently using three interconnected tools. Test them yourself, and see the magic of the brand-new AI technology unfold.