Top 10 Photo Morph Tools for Creative Transformations (2024)

You might wonder why photo morphing is a big deal today, and we will give you an answer.

Let’s say, for example, you and your husband or wife are having a baby. You both are eager to see what that baby would look like. Will it have your eyes? Or maybe it will have the same hair color as your significant other?

You start wondering if is there an app that morphs pictures.

You only need to go to your browser and search the top photo morph tools.

Morph tools will help you to combine your face and your significant other’s face. The tool will do its magic, and you will get your sweet, morphed baby face.

Just to be clear, it will never look the same, but you could get a glimpse of what your child might look like when it’s eventually born. Or you can do it just for fun.

If you want to learn how the photo morph tools work, what are the best ones and all that you need to know before you start playing with these versatile tools, please, stay tuned.

Prepare yourself to be amazed how even you, an amateur, can become a professional in creating art!

And if the professional is reading this, we will help you find the top photo morph tool online for free!

What Is a Photo Morph?

The Photo Morph Example of a woman and nature

Photo morphing is quite an advanced technique for making photo and video morph transition images, editing your face, etc.

It blends and transforms two or more pictures into one. It creates a gradual and smooth transition between those pictures. The results are incredible. It’s an intriguing and artistic transformation every time.

It works by mixing the pixels of two images to merge a photo of two persons, just like we described at the beginning of this text.

Not only can you use faces, but also you can use objects or any other subject you’d like to morph.

A few essential steps are involved in photo morphing:

  • Picture selection:

Select two or more pictures to morph. These pictures can be different faces, objects, or scenes.

  • Function correspondence:

Identify corresponding features in selected images. For example, key points such as eyes, nose, and mouth should match between images when morphing a human face.

  • Warping:

You can deform one image into the shape of another using a process called warping. Manipulate the position of identified features to create smooth transitions.

  • Cross-dissolving:

Blend the images using a technique called cross-dissolve. One image gradually fades out while another image is revealed.

  • Transition frames:

Generate a sequence of images representing a gradual transformation between two images. The more frames in a sequence, the smoother and more realistic the morph will be.

  • Description:

Compile frames into a video or series of images to achieve the final morphing result.

  • Control Points and Algorithms:

Some morphing tools allow users to define control points manually, guiding the transformation. Others use algorithms to match features and create a seamless transition automatically.

Photo morphing is not limited to faces; it can be applied to various elements, making it a versatile tool for artistic expression and visual storytelling.

It's a creative way to showcase transformations, explore imaginative concepts, and add a touch of magic to digital content.

Let your imagination run wild!

10 Top Photo Morph Tools

An example of  facial warping

From facial warping to general image transitions, these apps allow you to meet different creative needs.

So, if you're ready to explore the exciting realm of photo morphing, dive into these tools and transform your ordinary images into exquisite works of art with just a few clicks or taps.

Here is our list of top photo morph tools for you:

  • Sqirlz Morph

  • FotoMorph

  • Morpheus Photo Morpher

  • Face Morpher Lite

  • Abrosoft FantaMorph

  • Face Morph

  • FaceApp

  • Morphy

  • Morph Age

  • B612 AI Photo&Video Editor

Now, we will give you details about each app so you can easily find the one for yourself and your needs.

1. Sqirlz Morph

Sqirlz Morph - Image Transition Software

Sqirlz Morph allows you to mark features on several images, and the program mixes the images so that each feature on one image moves smoothly to the corresponding feature on the other images - a technique widely used in the film industry.

Multi-morphing is available - any number of images can be morphed together, so try mixing all your family's faces simultaneously!


  • User-Friendly: It is easy for users of all levels to create morphs.
  • Wide Compatibility: It supports various image formats.
  • Animation Options: Users can add keyframes for advanced animations, enhancing the morphing effects.


  • Limited Editing Features: Sqirlz Morph focuses primarily on morphing.
  • Windows Compatibility: It's primarily available for Windows.
  • Basic Interface: While user-friendly, some may find the interface a bit basic compared to more advanced tools.

We think this tutorial will be a great addition to your knowledge of Sqirlz Morph:
How to Morph Photos with Sqirlz Morph

2. FotoMorph

FotoMorph - Dynamic Photo Animation

FotoMorph is a small yet powerful tool that can transform your static photographs into dynamic and animated videos while adding stunning morphing, warping, and panning effects to them.

To top it all off, you can also add transitions and loops that you can export as AVI or SWF videos, a GIF animation, or an HTML page with a Flash video ingrained in it.


  • Easy to Use: It ensures a straightforward user experience.
  • Transition Effects: It provides various transition effects.
  • Export Options: Users can export morphs as video files or animated GIFs.


  • Windows Compatibility: FotoMorph is primarily designed for Windows.
  • Limited Advanced Features: It may lack some advanced features.
  • Interface Aesthetics: While functional, the interface design might not be as modern or visually attractive as other tools.

3. Morpheus Photo Morpher

Morpheus Photo Morpher - Fascinating Morphing Effects

FotoMorph is a photo animation and a Flash banner rotation tool with a super-friendly user interface.

The morphing effect is a fascinating technique that transforms one image to another via a seamless transition, and this effect is used a lot these days in numerous movies, advertisements, music videos, and many more places.

Morpheus Photo Morpher is a program with which you can get creative to make morphing effects on personal or other images while using your home computer.


  • Easy to Use: Morpheus Photo Morpher offers a straightforward interface for quick morphing.
  • Animation Effects: Users can add various effects to enhance the visual appeal of morphs.
  • Face Distortion: The tool includes features tailored explicitly for face morphing and distortion.


  • Windows Compatibility: Morpheus Photo Morpher is primarily available for Windows.
  • Limited Editing Features: It may lack some advanced editing features found in more comprehensive software.
  • Interface Design: While functional, the interface design might not be as modern or visually appealing as other tools.

Here you can see a perfect tutorial for morphing a video with the new Morpheus Photo Morpher:

How to create insane morph transitions with our brand new MORPHEUS pack

4. FaceMorpher Lite

FaceMorpher Lite - Amusing Transition Videos

FaceMorpher Lite creates videos that show a transition effect from two different passport photos. The final result is really amusing, and it’s a must-try to laugh with friends.

With this version of the program, you will be able to morph just two pictures. Be careful to choose passport-style photos so the application can easily comprehend the outline of the two faces and create a better transition effect.


  • User-Friendly: The interface is designed for simplicity, streamlining the face morphing process.
  • Real-Time Preview: Users can preview facial morphs in real-time, facilitating adjustments.


  • Limited Scope: The tool is tailored for facial morphing and may lack versatility for other types of morphs, such as objects.
  • Windows Compatibility: It is primarily available for Windows.

5. Abrosoft FantaMorph

Abrosoft FantaMorph - Advanced Morphing Software

This is a powerful and easy-to-use morphing software for creating fantastic photo morphing pictures and sophisticated animation effects.

With this rendering engine and a super-friendly user interface, creating morphing pictures and action sequences from still images is easy and fast.


  • Advanced Features: FantaMorph provides a wide range of advanced features for complex morphing.
  • Real-Time Preview: Users can preview morphs in real-time, allowing instant adjustments.
  • Multiple Platforms: It is available for both Windows and Mac.


  • Learning Curve: Some users may initially find FantaMorph's extensive features challenging.
  • Resource Intensive: Complex morphing operations on high-resolution images can be resource-intensive.
  • Upgraded Version: While a free version is available, some advanced features may require upgrading to the paid version.

Here is an honest review of one of the users:

  • Mary, United States, 5.0 out of 5 stars.

“I had another morphing software so the learning curve was effortless for this product - I don't know if it would be considered difficult otherwise. I do know that I love this software - particularly in contrast to what I used to use. This does more, and the product/video is so much better. Totally worth the price.”

6. Face Morph

Face Morph - User-Friendly Morphing App

Check out this review from Google Play:

The Review of Face Morph from Google Play

  • Buddy T., May 31, 2021:

“*I'm amazed at how quick and easy your app does what you say it does. Definitely leading in usability from what I've compared. So far one of the best free morph app resources folks should try . If this could be better~ ability to modify or fine tune our images a little more vs having to start over? Example ~ make images align up initially a little more would save on some several layer projects. Great job development team!*👍”

It is clear that this app gives you everything you need to do morphing magic on your images or photos.

Now, we will list the pros and cons of this photo morph tool for Android:


  • Quick and easy
  • No ads
  • Free


  • Pictures, videos, and gifs have a watermark sign, but we have a solution.

There is one feature that can help you remove those watermarks. It’s Imagewith.AI'ClearOff, and it can remove objects such as people, text, watermarks, logos, and other unwanted elements from images. 

This tool is created to handle complicated images with various objects, providing an automated approach to remove unwanted elements and improve the image's overall visual composition.

So, if you need any watermark to be removed, don’t hesitate to visit

7. FaceApp

FaceApp - AI Image Morphing Editor

This is a very popular photo editing app including a feature for AI image morphing. You can choose multiple images from your device's gallery or take a new photo and morph it with other images.

FaceApp also provides a wide range of editing tools, such as filters, effects, and color correction, to enhance your photos.

How do you morph an image with FaceApp?

Here’s how:

  • Start by selecting faces you want to be morphed

  • Use the intensity adjustment tool to control the degree of blending between two photos

  • Initiate the morphing process, and the app will do the rest

  • Choose between saving the morphed image or sharing it directly on social media.

We will list the pros and cons below.


  • Advanced AI technology allows you to create realistic images
  • Provides a wide range of editing tools to enhance your photos
  • Available both on iOS and Android


  • You will need a subscription to gain access to all the features this app offers
  • Some features are redundant

8. Morphy

Morphy - Time-Lapse Morphing Tool

Morphy is one of the most outstanding photo morphing software programs available. It not only lets you merge two photographs, but it also lets you record a time-lapse of the blending process.

Each series can have as many faces as you desire.

For example, you may turn a sequence of newborn images into an incredible time-lapse video, or you can change into an animal or a celebrity. You can save your work as a GIF or video.

You may also share your morphs directly through Messenger, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and WhatsApp.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Wide range of customization options


  • A free version has ads, so that might be annoying sometimes
  • Compared to other apps, this one has limited features

9. Morph Age

Morph Age - iOS Photo Morphing App

Morph Age is an advanced photo morph tool for iOS. With just a few touches, users can create amazing photo transformations.

You can morph many photographs from your device's gallery into a single image. Morph Age also includes advanced customization options for creating more complex morphs, such as manual alignment and mask editing.


  • Real-time preview
  • Easy interface
  • Compatible with various formats


  • Limited features
  • Not free

10. B612 AI Photo & Video Editor

B612 AI Photo & Video Editor - Camera and Morphing App

B612 is an all-in-one camera and picture morph app that will make your life easier. You can utilize the app's existing filters or create new ones based on your preferences.

The gif bouncy tool allows you to create amusing gifs, and specific AR effects improve the overall quality of videos and photos. It is compatible with all Android and iOS devices.


  • Easy interface
  • Free


  • Allows only 20 seconds videos
  • Lagging issues


Photo morphing is the most used effect in movies and various animations. We’ve mentioned only 10 top photo morph tools, but there are so many more. We hope this article will help you find the one you’ve been looking for.

Why stop there?

After you finish morphing your photos, you could probably use some AI features to enhance that photo. Try using Overscale to enhance your photo.

Enhance your photo in Overscale

Not only does it enhance the quality of your photo, but you can also get rid of blurry images.

You don’t like the background of your morphed picture? No worries.

Outcut is the feature from Imagewith.AI that will help you solve that issue. It will remove the background in just one click!

Remove the background in Outcut


  • Is there an app that morphs pictures?

Many apps morph pictures, but Morphy, Morph Age, and FaceApp are the best.

  • How can I morph my photos for free?

If you are looking for free photo morph tools and apps, try searching on your browser for top free photo morph tools, and you should find the ones you want.

  • What is the free morph app for Mac?

Besides Morphe Age, you also have MorphX. It gives you everything you want for your photo morph.