12 Best AI Image Upscale in 2023

Upscaling your image is crucial, especially when you want to resize it without deteriorating the quality. However, the best ai image upscaler has made it a lot easier than before. All you have to do is look for a trusted option to count for quality.

In this blog, I am bringing you out of the dilemma of which product would be the best for you. So let's get started from scratch.

Image Upscale

Image is an integral part of branding; hence, its quality attracts potential clients, which is where the image upscale works.

The image upscale software is one of the trending AI technologies that help to reconstruct the primary image to a super-resolution image. It is now spreading widely and becoming essential to digital image processing.

In a nutshell, it is an upgraded version of an online image editor but with advanced features.

Why do You need an AI image upscaler

Online AI image upscale tools reconstruct your image through super-resolution to enhance image quality. Here are a few reasons why it is better than the rest.

  • The conventional image enhancer tools use manual processing that negatively impacts the image quality. While the AI image upscale uses automated technology that minimizes this hassle without compromising the quality even after resizing.
  • Manual image processing requires skills and experience due to traditional tools like Adobe. AI upscale tools, on the contrary, cut the cost of labor and offer to do the same job automatically.
  • AI upscale tool can simultaneously handle more than one image at a time, and you don't have to focus much likely to the traditional photo editors.

With all these pros, it is time to give AI image editors a shot. So, here are some great options to upscale your image free online.

The Best AI Image Upscale in 2023

We have shortlisted these after researching and analyzing a few images upscaler online free tools. The ai image upscaler for 2023 includes

1. Imagewith.AI

Imagewith.AI - Intelligent AI Image Upscaling and Detail Enhancement

Creative minds create masterpieces, and that is where this ai image upscaler comes in handy. Our first ai image upscale for you is Imagewith.ai, a free online tool that enhances the image quality in seconds.

With its intelligent ai algorithm, it demonstrates a remarkable proficiency in understanding the image and adding value to it while keeping every single detail. Whether it is an image of animals, landmarks, or complex scenes, it detects and delivers high-quality precise results.

All you have to do is upload, drop, or paste the image URL, and it will be optimized in a few seconds by removing the blur and sharpening the image, even of an old photo.

Features of Imagewith.ai

  • This ai image scaler is free
  • Upscales images 2x and 4x
  • Brings life to the old images
  • Upscale the image efficiently without ruining the originality
  • Removes the background and unwanted objects from the image

2. HitPaw Photo Upscaler

HitPaw Photo Upscaler - AI-Powered Photo Enhancement and Upscaling Image Source: HitPaw.com Official Website

The second ai image upscaler free is Hitpaw.com, a computer program based on MAC Computers and PC that allows you to improve the image upscaling without deteriorating the quality.

You can work on many photos simultaneously and effectively works on images in landscape, buildings, nature, or even animations.

Using this wonder ai tool, you can turn an old and vintage photo into a colorized version by saving both versions together. Here are a few more features that HitPaw offers.

Using HitPaw.com, you will get several AI models that help refine and upscale the image in more significant and profound refinements. It can fix blurred photos with its AI models, while the denoise option removes noise from high-ISO.

This image upscaler 4k is also free and in a paid version with a starting price of $35.99. You will find some amazing discounts.

Features of HitPaw.com

  • Removes noise and blur
  • Sharpens the images when enlarged
  • No quality loss during upscaling
  • Suitable for Android, Mac, and PC
  • Colorizes the photo
  • Effectively fixes light issues without damaging the pixels
  • It allows batch processing for larger images
  • Allows to Upscale to HD, 2K, 4K, and 8K

3. Icons8.com

Icons8.com - Efficient AI Image Upscaler for Enhanced Clarity Image Source: Homepage of Icons8.com

Icons8.com is our suggestion for the image upscale tool that works with efficient algorithms of AI. You can work on its free and paid version to upscale your image in a few minutes.

It works with machine learning to upscale the images by 2x or 4x and will not compromise the quality. This ai image upscale tool ensures the preservation of original details and clarity while enhancing the photos.

With Icon8.com, you can quickly and automatically fix the imperfections in the images during the upscaling process.

You can avail of more features in the paid version at discounted prices starting from just rupees $9. However, you will get watermarks on your image in the free version.

Features of Icon8.com

  • Easy and user-friendly AI tool
  • Auto corrects imperfections
  • Allows easy upscaling through drag and drop on the website
  • Upscales the images quickly
  • With this image ai free, you can upscale the image up to 4x
  • Allows free download for upscale images

4. AVC Labs.com

AVC Labs.com - Advanced AI Photo Enhancer for High-Quality Upscaling Image Source: AVClabs.com – Homepage

The next option is the AVC photo enhancer which leverages machine learning techniques that improve and enhance the image resolution by up to 400%.

This ai image upscaler has been trained extensively in diverse images of subjects such as wildlife, landscape, portraits, animes, architecture, etc. It allows upscaling the resolution of different images seamlessly and naturally while preserving the details. This AI photo enhancer has saved you from the hassle of complex editing. What we liked the most about this online upscaler is its intelligent noise and grain remover to improve the image quality with just a single click.

You can get monthly, annual, and perpetual plans starting from $39.95 at a discounted price.

Features of AVClabs.com

  • Allows image and video enhancing both
  • Colorize black and white images without damaging the quality
  • The AI color Calibration resolves the color issues
  • It efficiently retouches the image with the AI face refinement feature, removes the skin blemish automatically
  • Removes grains and noise from an image when upscaling
  • Easily available for Mac and Windows operating systems
  • Able to turn the background of an image transparent

5. VanceAI Image Enhance

VanceAI Image Enhance - High-Resolution Image Upscaling with AI Image Source: Vanceai. com-Homepage

The fifth ai image upscaler is VanceAI.com which enhances your low-resolution image to 8x without affecting the quality.

This image upscaler 8x free and paid version offers different features besides its cutting-edge artificial intelligence and algorithms.

What stands out in this image upscaler online website is its dedicated AI upscaler for anime for small anime photos around 16x. This is not it; another notable feature is its security; this tool deletes your processed images after 24 hours to prevent online theft.

The interface and working are user-friendly for this upscaler with simple processing, allowing upscaling to 2x, 4x, and 8x without damaging images.

To process your image, you need to upload/drag your photo and choose your AI model along with the levels of magnifications.

Like the other ai upscalers we have listed, its paid version starts from $4.95. Each package allows for different credits (images = credits), so you can select the most suitable package.

Features of VanceAL Image Enhancer

  • It will enlarge your image by 800%
  • Offers easy batch processing
  • Ensures data safety
  • Suppress the image noise with ease
  • It has a separate algorithm to upscale anime

6. Topaz Labs

Topaz Labs - Comprehensive AI Image Upscaling up to 600% Image Source: Topazlabs-home page

If you are looking for a complete package to upscale your images. This upscaling ai software reduces shake and blurs, eliminating noise while retaining quality. You can upscale your photo up to 600% of the original size.

Like AVClabs.com, this ai image-processing tool is also trained to process millions of images in a broader and more diverse range, making it capable of handling artifacts. This way, Gigapixel, by using the data, upscales the image, fills in the missing details, and adds them to improve your image.

Unlikely the other best ai image upscaler, to begin with it, you need to sign up for the free version. This upscale tool is not compatible with Linux.

You can enjoy upscaling your image for free with the paid version for more advanced features. However, the paid version is comparatively costly, starting from $99 compared to other listed online upscale.

Features of Topaz Labs

  • Offers precise upscaling
  • Able to revive then B&W, old low-quality pictures with enhanced pixels
  • Allows to enhance more than one image in the bulk mode
  • It is downloadable for PC and Mac systems
  • Easy to use

7. UpScale

UpScale by PixlBin - AI-Driven Photo Enhancement up to 4x Image Source: Upscale Media- Homepage

PixlBin powers this web-based ai image upscale to enhance your photos up to 4x for free. You can work right away without the hassle of formalities like sign-up.

Upscale Media has a limited size of image upscaling, which is 1500 x 1500. Its quality is top-notch right after the edits; however, it begins to look more like a painting after a while as it removes JPG artifacts.

You may experience minor inconvenience when upscaling an image of a larger size. This is a paid version for monthly and yearly payments with a starting package of $40 initially, but you can avail online discounts. However, you can only get upscale images up to 50 in the free version.

Features of Upscale Photo Enhance

  • Allow up to 4x image upscaling
  • Simple interface that offers ease
  • Offers email support to sort queries
  • it has a bulk mode to save time
  • Smooths the harsh edges without affecting the quality

8. StockPhotos

StockPhotos - AI Image Upscaler with Enhanced Detailing up to 8x Image Source: Stockphotos.com-Homepage

Stockphotos is another popular name for upscaling your photos upscaling your image up to 8x while retaining the original quality.

This image upscaler 8x free and paid for both versions allows a little more than the basic features through which you can turn a low-res picture into a sharpened portrait with crisp colors.

Apart from restoring the original image graphics, this ai upscaling tool can remove the background for free. This image upscaling tool is more suitable for e-commerce websites as it allows to sweep the images into new compositions.

As said, it is available in paid and free versions; it will only allow you to upscale 3 images. However, with the paid versions, you can upscale 20 and 100 images. That means you eventually have to move to the paid version and pay whenever you use it because of its one-time fee, as it does not offer a subscription.

Features of Stockphoto Upscaler

  • Enhances the image quality with ease of up to 8x
  • Remove blur and sharpens the image to restore the original image quality
  • A good option for e-commerce for removing background
  • Allows one-time payment instead of the subscription
  • Removes background in free versions

9. Deep Image Ai Photo enhancer

Deep Image AI Photo Enhancer - Smart Upscaling and Image Correction Image Source: Deepimageai.com – Homepage

The Deep Image ai photo creator is one of our best ai image upscaler for your image. Its intelligent ai automatically sharpens the low resolution when the process of upscaling to retain its originality.

You can easily run this software on your Windows Pc and Apple iOS. The ai technology is so efficient that it fixes the lighting, removes noise, and corrects the colors of your image.

It is integrated with Google Drive to maintain a streamlined workflow. It is a good option for e-commerce websites as it effectively removes the background from the subject like a pro. You can upscale images in batch uploads.

The free version offers more features than the other listed online ai image tools; you will still have the watermark. Their paid version is available in monthly and annual subscription plans starting from $7.50 for 100 credits (images) to 5000 credits a month.

Features of DeepImage AI

  • Utilizes images with the leverage of artificial intelligence to add and improve the artifacts.
  • User-friendly and easy-to-use AI
  • It can color correction
  • Removes noise from the image and balances the lightening effect
  • Isolates the subject from the image effectively
  • Offers great streamline for improved workflow

10. Waifu2x Image Enhancer

Waifu2x - Specialized AI Upscaler for Anime and General Images Image Source: Waifu2x.udp – Home

This ai upscaler is dedicated to anime, calling itself a super-resolution for anime as it uses deep convolution-neutral networks. Although it is anime specified, you can enhance photos too.

You can use this image upscaler in PNG and WebP formats to enhance your images for free. This ai tool allows you to enhance your image up to 4 times the original size of the image.

To enhance your image, you don't have to download or drag-dropping the image. All you have to do is copy the image's URL and paste it into Waifu2x.com, which will fetch it automatically.

This allows you to select the style and level of noise reduction of your choice to upscale your photo within the image size of 5MB.

Furthermore, this free web tool has no subscription, downloading, or installation hassle.

Features of Waifu2x Image Enhancer

  • Has a minimalistic interface
  • You can translate the page into different languages
  • It is an anime-specified image enhancer
  • It requires no experience and has simple controls
  • Removes noise from the images
  • It has no specific image types

11. BigJPG Image Enhancer

BigJPG Image Enhancer - AI-Powered Upscaling for Diverse Image Types Image Source: BigJPG.com Homepage

BigJPG.com is a popular name for illustrations and anime. This is not it, as it can turn low-resolution images, anime pictures, and illustrations; it caters to all types of images.

This one is suitable for web developers, too, because the API is available in this tool. It works very professionally when it upscales, filling the images with colors and edges like a pro with great quality.

It is ready to go image upscaler for which you do not need additional software. You don't have to upload the images manually; this features bulk image upscaling to save you time.

Although this tool is free, it limits the image size to 10 MB and scales to 3000 x 3000.

Features of BigJPG.com

  • A free ai image enhancer tool
  • Upscales the image up to 4K with optimized quality
  • Uses a neural network to predict the image detailing
  • Supported with Mac, Windows, and Android
  • A simple and easy interface does not require any experience
  • It supports upscaling in batch

12. Let's Enhance

 Let's Enhance - AI Service for Upscaling Images up to 4K Quality Image Source: Letsenhance.com – Homepage

The final ai upscaling tool that we have for you is Let's Enhance. This is another free tool that optimizes and increases the image quality.

It works with the drop and drag method for processing your image without deteriorating the quality. To begin with, you need to sign up first, which takes no time. You can enhance your image up to 4K quality, recovering details and textures, colors, and image compression. In a nutshell, you can expect a 1600% image quality.

Speaking of it, for a free trial, you will get to upscale 10 images right after you sign up. However, you can subscribe to your most suitable plans, which start from $9 per month for 100 credits to 500 maximum credits.

Features of Let's Enhance

  • It automatically enhances the image by reducing the noise
  • Offers free sign-up trail
  • Scale up your image up to 16x
  • Allows drag and drop of an image which makes it very
  • Four plans for the paid version

Some Related Queries regarding the image upscaler ai

What is the best AI Image Upscaler?

Almost every image upscaler ai tool claims to be the best, and to some extent, they are correct, as they are good in their specifications. However, the best is based on either user's experience or personal preference.

In this article, we have given unbiased reviews for every image upscaler, but we personally recommend Hitpaw.com and ACVlabs.com due to their versatile features.

How an AI image upscaler is different from other online upscaling methods?

The working algorithms of traditional and AI upscaling tools are different. The previous image-optimizing method uses improving the resolution of images by copying the pixels to fill in spaces.

However, they ai upscaler for image utilizes predictive technology where the AI leverages its knowledge from past data to predict and produce a better and high-quality image.

Are there any drawbacks to using image upscaler free tools?

Yes, it does have a potential drawback is property theft. Usually, professional photographers adopt a technique in which they upload images of low quality to prevent IP theft. The image upscale ai tools have made them an open source for everyone.

Can I use Ai Image upscaler for all types of images?

Every ai image upscaler has diverse specifications and allows different file formats that their technology supports, such as PNG, JPG, WebP, etc. Furthermore, the image upscalers also limit your file size and prevents your image from processing.

Conclusion | Best AI Image Upscaler

With the unique features every image upscaler offers, tools have their significance. To enhance your image quality and experience, ai image upscalers help to create a low-res image more like a natural one.